New Photo of Felicity Huffman in a Prison Uniform Surfaces

Elder Ordonez/Splash News

William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman
Elder Ordonez/Splash News

It's been close to a week since Felicity Huffman reported to prison to begin serving her 14-day sentence, and it looks like the former Desperate Housewives star is fitting in. A new photo of Felicity rocking a prison uniform has the internets talking. Although we knew she would have to look the part, so to speak, a number of people can't help but sound off about the image.

Green looks good on her.

  • Felicity was one of the first parents to be sentenced to prison for her role in a massive college admission scam.

    Felicity Huffman
    David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

    Back in April, Felicity pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and honest services mail fraud. Apparently, Felicity Huffman paid $15,000 in bribes for mastermind Rick Singer to "rig" one of her daughter's SAT scores to help the young woman get into the college of her choice. Felicity reportedly tried to take the legal route at first but ended up shelling out thousands of dollars to increase her daughter's scores.

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  • And it looks like she's fitting in nicely.

    ... well, for someone who has to remain behind bars for 14 days.

    TMZ reports Felicity was seen in her uniform during a family visit with hubby William H. Macy and their daughter, Sophia.

  • With Felicity's photo in her prison best, it didn't take long before peeps started chiming in.

    Twitter comments

    ... and cracking a few jokes.

    As you can see, much of the reaction has been sarcastic -- and we totally get why. Aside from 14 days behind bars being a bit of a joke, her outfit is giving folks all sorts of inspiration in the Halloween costume department.

  • Luckily for Felicity, she doesn't have to wait that much longer before she's released from prison.

    Felicity Huffman
    Elder Ordonez/Splash News

    In fact, she's slated to get out a day early, on October 27, so she has less than a week left to rock that green prison outfit.

    (Green really does look good on her, though.)