Nathan Griffith Has Been Arrested for a DUI

Nathan Griffith, Kaiser Griffith

We thought that Teen Mom 2 star Nathan Griffith had turned over a new leaf, but now, it looks like he's getting into trouble again. Apparently, Nathan was allegedly "driving while impaired," and this definitely isn't a good sign if he still wants to try to get full custody of Kaiser, his son with ex Jenelle Evans. Nathan has long said he wants full custody. 

  • According to Radar Online, Nathan was arrested in North Carolina on Tuesday. 

    Police records obtained by the site state that Nathan was caught "driving while impaired" outside  a grocery store in Cary, North Carolina. 

    He's already out on bail, and that's all the information that's out there about Nathan's arrest ... but it's not good. 

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  • Nathan has remained silent about his arrest on social media. 

    In fact, his most recent tweet was about watching Dr. Drew on The Masked Singer with his girlfriend, Ashley -- but this was before his arrest would have happened.

    Since then? Crickets.

  • Interestingly, Jenelle Evans has yet to gloat, either. 

    Given that this lady normally doesn't give her exes a break when it comes to stuff like this, we're a little surprised she seems to be taking the high road on this one. 

    Then again, we'd say Jenelle probably has enough to worry about when it comes to her own life these days. 

  • We hope Nathan gets his act together soon. 

    Driving while under the influence is not cool, especially when it comes to keeping Kaiser safe. What if Kaiser had been in the car? Regardless, he still could have hurt others and himself, so it's a good thing that he was arrested before he could. 

    We know Nathan knows better than this. Get it together, dude!