JWoww Breaks Silence About New Boyfriend Hitting on 'Jersey Shore' Costar

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JWoww, Zack Carpinello
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Things were going so well for JWoww and her new boyfriend, Zack Carpinello, but now, it looks like it might be over before it even began. It seems while filming the latest season of Jersey Shore, Zack got handsy with Angelina while they were all out in a club in Las Vegas ... and now, JWoww is speaking out.

  • On Thursday's episode, while Jenni was drunk and practically passed out, Zack -- who the gang has nicknamed "24" -- was groping Angelina.

    Being that these two have seemed to be so serious lately, this is coming as a bit of a shock -- especially because Zack was acting weird around Angelina the entire trip to Vegas. 

    Vinnie's expression here pretty much sums up how we're feeling about it: This is absolutely not okay!

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  • Although it seemed Jenni was on Zack's side in all of this, her new Instagram post says otherwise.

    Yikes! Is it just us, or does everything about knowing her value and not lowering her standards sound as if she's about to dump Zack -- and it looks like she did as E! News reports JWoww and Zack are over.

    We truly can't blame JWoww for being hurt ... and honestly, we know Zack is young, but we can't believe he'd act that way, especially when he's aware that actual cameras are filming him and JWoww is going to see what he's doing eventually. 

    Then again, it appears it was a wild night with lots of drinking for everyone involved. What a mess.

  • And on Twitter, JWoww went in on Angelina.

    At this point, it doesn't seem like she's happy with either of them, but Angelina's clearly getting the bulk of her public anger. As far as the Jersey Shore episode goes, it looks as if Angelina and Zack are both at fault -- even though Angelina did look really uncomfortable with what Zack was doing. Basically, this is just a complete disaster.

  • So far, Zack has yet to respond to what happened.

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    Beautiful day with my best friend

    A post shared by Zack Clayton (@zackcarpinello) on

    It may be safe to say that this could be the last photo we see of him and JWoww together, though ... that girl is ticked.

    We're definitely interested to see how this all unfolds, and we can't blame Jenni one bit for being heartbroken. We just hope our girl is okay. Seeing that kind of stuff on TV involving the man you've been seeing for months?

    Not cool. Not cool at all.