White Claw-Loving Moms: This Easy Costume Is Clearly Going To Win Halloween

White Claw t-shirts

Admit it: You didn't mean to give in to the White Claw hype, but then something happened. You were offered a can at a summer BBQ or decided to buy a pack for your last girls' night. And suddenly, there you were -- sucked into the craze, just like everybody else. Sound familiar? If so, I may have some good news for you: You can now dress as a can of White Claw for Halloween, thanks to one incredibly clever Etsy shop that's selling T-shirts inspired by America's newest obsession.

  • The refreshing bevvy was first launched back in 2016 by the same people who brought us Mike's Hard Lemonade.

    Part of their allure is their diet-friendly appeal -- each can is just 100 calories of bubbly goodness inside, made from a blend of seltzer water, a gluten-free alcohol base, and fruit flavors like black cherry, natural lime, and ruby grapefruit.

    In fact, they became so popular in 2019, that earlier this month, a nationwide White Claw shortage was announced when the company couldn't keep up with the demand. Sales of the spiked beverage (which contains just 5% alcohol) have skyrocketed in the last year, leading the company to scale back on its production until it can increase its supply, according to CNN

    "While not completely eliminating intermittent stock outs, we believe this strategy has helped us be in the best position possible on shelf," Phil Rosse, White Claw's president, said in a statement to CNN. "But with the tremendous response we have had from consumers, understandably, our supply chain has tightened."

    So is it really any wonder someone latched on to the whole phenomenon just in time for Halloween? Nah, probably not.

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  • The "costumes" are actually super cute and can be worn over leggings or pants, or as a trendy T-shirt dress (if it's not too chilly out).

    They're being made by the Etsy shop TheGlitter Pharm, where each one is described as "super soft" and stretchy. But aside from the obvious comfort factor, the White Claw appliqués on the front will make you look like your very own can of summer fun, whether you're handing out candy to trick-or-treaters or circling the neighborhood with your kiddos.

  • News of the hilarious costume started making headlines over the weekend, prompting White Claw fans to clamor for one (or two) of their very own.

    There was just one problem: The Etsy shop couldn't keep up with the demand. (Ya know, kinda like the actual beverage manufacturer.)

    Just days after the news started making headlines, a message from the Etsy shop's owner now reads, "Hi everyone! I had to place my shop on vacation for a short period of time so I can catch up on all of your orders!"

    If that doesn't tell you people are NUTS about White Claw, I don't know what will. 

  • You're in luck, though -- even if TheGlitterPharm isn't back up and running soon, it's not the only White Claw-inspired costume out there.

    Another Etsy shop is selling these cool "White Claw Wasted" tanks you could use in a DIY costume (you know, if you're heading to some kind of adults-only Halloween party).

    But if you're really itching for the original tee, you can also sign up for an email alert to learn ASAP when they're back in stock.