Dad Discovers Mom Secretly Vaccinated Their Kids Behind His Back -- & He's Not Pleased


Girl getting vaccinated

Despite the growing measles epidemic, which has been sweeping the United States over the last five years, vaccines remain a controversial issue. In 2019 alone, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed more than 1,200 cases of the disease across 31 different states -- up from the 372 that health officials recorded in 2018. In many cases, the debate over vaccines has driven a wedge between friends and even strangers. For one couple, however, it's become a huge issue in their marriage. In a story making the rounds on Reddit, one wife has admitted to vaccinating her kids behind her husband's back after the couple couldn't come to an agreement. And let's just say, he's not exactly pleased.

  • The drama started when one of their kids got seriously sick.

    In her post, she wrote she thought her husband was just being cautious when he told her to hold off on vaccinating their kids. But as the years went on and her kids got older, she came to the realization that it just wasn't going to happen.

    The turning point, however, came when the couple's daughter developed a high fever and she brought her to the ER. There, she said a doctor "laid into me about how important vaccines are for our children."

    "He said all the things I've said to my husband, and more, and made me feel like [expletive]," the mom wrote. "He explained that a 4-month-old baby was hospitalized three days ago for meningitis, and lived even though he didn't expect him to survive.

    "I tried to explain that I agree," she continued, "but I feel he didn't believe me that it was my husband's wishes I was respecting up until now."

    The doctor ended his speech by saying, "Look, my children are vaccinated" -- which left the mom feeling embarrassed and somewhat ashamed.

    "I won't do this anymore," the mom declared. "Although he is a sweet man with a kind heart, he is endangering our children."

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  • And so, she decided to defy her husband and vaccinate each of her kids without telling him.

    In a later update to her original post, the mom declared that she ultimately decided this was a fight her husband wasn't going to win.

    "I took them to our county medical office on a day that accepted walk-ins," she explained. "We waited and they got the first round, about four combos each, with another walk-in suggested to me for three-six months to catch up the rest."

    The whole experience was nerve-racking to be sure, but she knew she was doing the right thing.

    "That whole day, before I left and when we returned, I thought somehow my husband knew, or would figure it out," she wrote. "But here we are about a week later and he's got no idea."

  • Eventually, though, the jig was up when one of her kids let it slip that they were going back for another round of shots.

    In a third update to her Reddit thread on Tuesday, the mom admitted that her husband found out.

    "The kids came home, and kept mentioning 'my poke,'" she wrote. "So he asked me if they got vaccines and I came clean. I said yes, and told him they started last year."

    She apologized for lying to her husband, who was none too thrilled. But fortunately, this tale has a happy ending.  

    According to the poster, there was "no yelling" between the two of them. Just talking. And listening. And finally, after years of debating the issue, they came to an agreement.

    "We talked more, and I explained the recent measles outbreaks nearby and expressed my concern for our kids," she wrote. 

    In the end, this may have been the one argument that quelled the dad's anger.

    "All is well," the mom concluded. "No, we didn’t even raise voices. Yes, we kissed and made up."

  • People online were proud of the mama for standing her ground.

    "Glad you saved your kids lives," one commenter wrote.

    "Hooray! I’m so glad he came around a bit. You did the right thing," another person added.

    "Oh I'm very happy to read this," a third person chimed in. "It's wonderful to read about interactions between adults being adults."

    When it comes down to it, telling her husband that she did it in her kids' best interest was all that really mattered, anyway. "He understands I did things for the kids, and not against him," she wrote.