Day Care Workers Charged With 'Extreme Bullying' of Girl After Camera Footage Leaks

Joshua Tennant hands 5-year-old girl upside down

Every day, parents worry about their children getting bullied when they go to school. Will the big kids tease them? Will someone pick a fight? What they don't expect, as they send their kids off on the school bus or drop them off at day care, is that the people they might need the most protection from are adults. Parents of a 5-year-old girl in Ohio were shocked to learn that was the case, after their daughter allegedly experienced "extreme bullying" from two adult day care employees, who have since been arrested.

  • According to a police report, Emma Dietrich, 31, and Joshua Tennant, 27, were charged Tuesday with child endangerment.

    The horrifying incident, which was caught on a surveillance camera, happened August 13 at Worthington Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio.

    The footage, which has since been released to the public, shows Dietrich and Tennant sitting at a table near a group of students. Soon after, they watch as several students begin "grabbing, pulling, dragging, swinging, and just 'bullying'" the 5-year-old, the police report describes.

    The little girl "appears frightened and keeps her eyes closed or covered and attempts to curl up into a fetal position" throughout the entire incident, the report alleges -- which might make you think the day care workers would immediately come rushing over to intervene.

    But not so.

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  • The police report details that just as the 5-year-old desperately tried to get away, the other kids grabbed her and held her down.

    Dietrich and Tennant, meanwhile? Nowhere on the video do they attempt to stop the bullying, police say. 

    In fact, they joined in.

    Tennant can clearly be seen picking up the little girl up by her right ankle, holding her upside down, and carrying her over to rug, where he put her down.
  • As for the owner of the day care, she told reporters she was "heartbroken" over what had happened in her facility.

    Lisa Rowe told 10TV that all of her employees go through extensive training, and that she has a "zero tolerance" for this kind of behavior, which is why Dietrich and Tennant were immediately fired once she saw the video. Police say Rowe has remained cooperative throughout the investigation.

    “This case remains an ongoing investigation," the Columbus Police Department said in a tweet Tuesday, adding, "While we are protecting the identity of the 5yo victim we want to share with you the severity of what little girl endured in a learning center. Actions by educators who are now facing criminal charges.”

    Tennant was released from custody after posting bond before reportedly being arraigned on September 16, whereas Dietrich was scheduled to be arraigned in municipal court last week week, according to WCMH.