'Ruthless' Teen Accused of Stealing Parents' Money -- To Pay Hitmen She Hired To Kill Them


Alyssa Hatcher

A high school student in Lake County, Florida, is behind bars after a classmate foiled her alleged shocking plot to have her parents killed. Seventeen-year-old Alyssa Hatcher, who attends Umatilla High School, stands accused of stealing her parents' debit card and withdrawing $1,400 in an attempt to pay two different people to kill them, WFTV reports. Luckily, word of her plans got out just in time for police to intervene.

  • A police affidavit states that Hatcher first gave a friend $400 to find someone who would do the deed for her.

    When that friend failed to carry through with the plot, Hatcher is said to have paid another man $900 to do the same, though there are no details on when exactly -- or how -- the plan was supposed to have been carried out.

    The remaining $100 of the stolen money was reportedly spent on cocaine, Hatcher later admitted.

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  • Luckily, it was all thwarted after a friend of the person Hatcher reportedly initially paid to kill her parents came forward to police.

    Now, authorities are applauding the person's actions and reminding the public of how important it is to speak up when you have information that could potentially prove life-saving.

    "This is an important example of how ‘See something, say something' plays a major role in preventing crime and protecting people in our community," the Claremont Police Department said in a statement

    Coincidentally, Hatcher's stepfather is a member of the Claremont Police Department, according to WFTV.

    Before the account was deactivated, her last Instagram post was captioned with a simple but poignant single word: ruthless, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

  • Ultimately, it was Hatcher's own parents who decided to press charges against the teen, once police informed them of her plan.

    "This is a sad case when you think about the family dynamics and everything," Sgt. Fred Jones of the Lake County Sheriff's Office told Fox 35 Orlando. "I couldn't even imagine something like that."

    Indeed, not many parents could.

    "When it comes to something like that I cannot imagine the shock you would be in as a parent knowing that this is my daughter -- what my daughter intended to do," Jones said.

  • It comes as even more of a shock to the people who knew Hatcher and her family.

    One student described the teen as a very nice person, and told WFTV that they couldn't believe it when they heard the news.

    "Her of all people, that was very shocking to me," the student shared. "She's such a sweet girl. She's very caring."

    Jones called her parents "good people" and "outstanding citizens." 

    As for the teen's motive? That's still unclear, police say.

    "This was just somebody, who for whatever reason, just didn't want her parents around," Jones said.

    For now, Hatcher remains behind bars as prosecutors determine whether she'll be tried as an adult.