19-Year-Old Day Care Worker Accused of Intentionally Suffocating ‘Fussy’ 4-Month-Old

Little People Child Development Center
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A 19-year-old day care worker in Bear, Delaware, has been arrested and charged with killing a 4-month-old girl who was in her care. Dejoynay Ferguson was caught on surveillance camera apparently covering the infant's mouth and nose to intentionally restrict her breathing. It was only later, after the baby girl was pronounced dead at the hospital, that police arrested Ferguson in connection with this heinous crime.

  • Ferguson told police that she covered the infant's nose and mouth after she had become "fussy" and wouldn't stop crying.

    In a statement written by the Delaware State Police Department, the day care worker is accused of suffocating the child to death around 10:35 a.m. Thursday.

    Ferguson, an employee of Little People Child Development Center, was working in the infant room at the time when surveillance footage shows her picking up the child by the front of her shirt and placing her on a changing table, Delaware Online reports.

    Ferguson allegedly placed her hand over the child's mouth and nose for more than three minutes while wearing latex gloves.

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  • When Ferguson removed her hand, the girl was "unresponsive and motionless."

    Ferguson put the infant back in her crib and waited 20 minutes before alerting the owner that something was wrong with the baby. "At which time a call was made to 911," Delaware State Police Master Cpl. Michael Austin said in a statement.

    At first, the day care worker told police a different story than what the cameras showed, but she later confessed that she picked up the child to quiet her because she wouldn't stop crying.

  • Ferguson is charged with first-degree murder in the unnamed child's death.

    Most troubling of all, perhaps, is that there appeared to be no warning signs that something like this might occur.

    A state representative from the Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families noted that the day care facility had no "noncompliance issues" when department officials inspected it in May. The department noted that Ferguson had passed all of her background checks.

    After the murder, the Office of Childcare Licensing has suspended the facility's licensing indefinitely and Ferguson is being held on a $1 million bond, KLTV reports.

    Meanwhile, police are speaking out and pledging to find justice for the little girl whose life was cut so tragically short.

    "Yesterday, a family’s world was changed forever. As a parent personally, I’m heartbroken for them," Austin said. “As a spokesperson for Delaware State Police, I can ensure you that everyone within this agency feels the same way.

    “The detectives will do everything within their means to thoroughly investigate and successfully prosecute this case to ensure that justice is ensured for them," he said.

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