This 'Fan Girl' Baby Cake Smash Is the Ultimate Ode to Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Cake Smash
Ute-Christin Photography

A newborn and baby photographer from Connecticut has paid the ultimate homage to her No. 1 favorite talk show host with an Ellen-themed cake smash that's going viral (for obvious reasons). Ute-Christin Cowan from Ute-Christin Photography knew she wanted to do something to celebrate her love for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she figured a first birthday photo shoot was the perfect excuse to take her obsession to a whole other level.

  • The photographer tells CafeMom that she's been been a devoted 'Ellen' watcher for many, many years.

    "I have been watching the Ellen show for the last past 16 seasons," says Cowan, who is originally from Germany but moved to the United States 17 years ago. "She got me through everything from living in a new country, to going through college, finding a job, having two kids, and now being self-employed.

    "Her positivity was a pickup when I needed one and a shared laugh when I wanted to cry," Cowan adds.

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  • That's why Cowan recently got the idea to blend together her two passions: 'Ellen' and baby photography.

    Cowan says the idea came to her a year ago, when she photographed a sweet little newborn named Ariella. "Even back then she had the most amazing blonde hair and ever since then I knew, she had to be my ELLEN!" Cowan wrote on Facebook, confirming that, "Yes, I had this Ellen cakesmash in my mind for the longest time!"

    "I have done lots of cake smashes before, and parents always requests the themes such as Elmo or unicorns or the Wild One or Disney characters," Cowan explains. But a talk show-themed cake smash? Well, that had never been done before. 

    With Ariella turning 1 at the end of August, Cowan knew "it was time to make it happen."

    As is evident, the project came out perfectly. Not only is Ariella surrounded by Ellen's famous catchphrase, "Have a little fun today," but Ellen's cohost, tWitch, is even sitting in the background.

    "I thought it would be a fun way to show off my love for her and the show," Cowan says.

  • Of course, Cowan says that Ariella was more interested in playing with the set than sitting for a picture. (And who could blame her?)

    She says that Ariella wasn't even into eating the yummy cake. Instead, she "was very interested in eating mini Ellen and messing with tWitch," Cowan recalled. "She kept crawling off the set, but once we played the Ellen theme song from Pink, she started to hang out and got her groove on!"

    In the end, Cowan says she shared her photos because she wanted to spread Ellen's spirit of kindness. 

    "I also think it is a great time to remind people to be kind to one another," she explains.  "Kindness is so much needed these days."

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