Day Care Worker Accused of 'Willfully' Breaking 6-Month-Old's Femur & Covering It Up

Widewaters Learning Center

In yet another shocking story of day care abuse, police have arrested a day care worker in Knightdale, North Carolina, who's accused of breaking the leg of an infant who was in her care. Fifty-one-year-old Kimberly Boykin is said to have "willfully twisted the left femur" of the 6-month-old boy earlier this year and failing to report the injury.

  • The incident allegedly occurred on April 23 at Widewaters Learning Center, when Boykin was watching 6-month-old Ethan Sullivan.

    The boy's mother, Devan, told WVTL that she knew right away something wrong with her son when she went to pick him up. 

    “He was very like finicky when I picked him up, just not himself,” she recalled. And though she immediately said something about it to Boykin, the day care worker offered another explanation.

    “That’s when she went on to say he had a fever," Devan shared. "I’m like ‘Okay if he had a fever, when were you going to call me?'"

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  • The concerned mom rushed her then 6-month-old to the hospital, where it was determined that his leg was broken.

    Devan immediately grew worried and then suspicious. She filed an official complaint with police, which launched an investigation by Child Protectives Services, the Safe Child Advocacy Center, and the Wake County District Attorney’s Office.

    Their conclusion? Boykin had twisted the boy's leg, causing a fracture. Even worse, she attempted to cover up the alleged abuse by lying.

    Four months after Ethan was injured, police finally issued an order for Boykin's arrest. She was taken into custody on August 19 on felony charges of negligent child abuse-serious injury.

    Knightdale Police Chief Lawrence Capps spoke out about the incident earlier this week, and expressed his anger at Boykin's alleged actions. 

    "Those responsible for the care of our young and elderly citizens hold a position of enormous trust," he said. "We expect care providers to render services compassionately and in accordance with the highest standards."

  • Unfortunately, this wasn't the first time conditions at the day care center have come into question.

    On a visit to the facility on April 23, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services noted several violations, including employees disciplining children by leaving them alone in a room separate from staff. 

    A staff member was also overheard telling a child, 'Do you want me to pop you with a ruler?'"

    Sullivan said that even though some time has passed and justice is finally being served, she's still heartbroken over what happened to her son. “I feel like my trust has been really broken. I don’t know who to trust.”

    Meanwhile, the day care center issued a statement of its own, claiming to "care deeply" about the safety of the children in its care. 

    "We are committed to maintaining the highest standards for our employees," the statement read. "We are actively investigating this situation involving a former employee, and we will continue to cooperate with the relevant authorities.”

    As for Boykin, the former day care worker posted a $50,000 bail on Tuesday and awaits a court date.

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