New Detail About '13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Gets Mixed Reaction

Justin Prentice in '13 Reasons Why'
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Now that 13 Reasons Why is finally back for season three, it's time to find out what exactly happened to Bryce Walker ... and apparently, this season is going to show fans a side of him they've never seen. In fact, new details about 13 Reasons Why season three make it seem we could see a "redeeming" side of Bryce, according to one of the show's stars herself.  

And let's just say it's getting a mixed reaction.
  • The major focus of the third season of '13 Reasons Why' is figuring out who killed Bryce Walker.

    He's been the show's villain for the past two seasons, and he was hardly brought to justice after Hannah Baker's trial where everyone found out that he had raped her before she committed suicide. 

    In the new season, which hit Netflix on August 23, we find out that Bryce is dead, and everyone at Liberty High is a suspect. Given what Bryce had done to Hannah and Jessica -- and many others -- some people aren't upset that he's gone.

    ... but there might be more to his character than fans originally thought.

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  • Anne Winters, who plays Chloe in '13 Reasons Why,' says Bryce will be "redeemable" this season.

    When 13 Reasons Why season two left off, Anne's character, Chloe (Bryce's girlfriend), found out that she was unexpectedly pregnant. And given Bryce's past and her relationship with him, it was less than ideal news.

    But now, Anne says there are other sides to him that we'll see. 

    "I think you're going to see a redeemable side to Bryce," Anne said. "No one deserves to die. No one deserves to be raped. No one deserves to go through a lot of the things that people go through on our show. You'll see a lot of different sides to him."

  • It's hard to imagine a character like Bryce being redeemed, though.

    After what he's done to the girls at his school, it's hard to imagine that someone like him would be able to be redeemed ... but we'll wait to see the season before we make an official judgment.

    Still, fans are definitely having mixed feelings about these details already.

  • Most fans aren't convinced that Bryce can be redeemed.

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    The vast majority of commenters feel that it's absolutely too late for Bryce -- and given what he's shown that he's capable of, that's no surprise. Then again, he's a kid in high school ... and from what we know about his backstory, he had a pretty messed up childhood.

  • Others are a bit more optimistic about Bryce's character.

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    After all, it's hard to imagine someone being 100% bad. And who knows what the season ahead holds? It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

    It's definitely worth watching to find out, though -- especially because next season will be the show's last.

  • All of the episodes in '13 Reasons Why' season three are now streaming on Netflix.

    We have so many questions.

    Who killed Bryce?

    How did he die?

    What are we about to learn about him?

    And what will happen to Clay?

    Looks like our weekend plans are set! Somehow, Netflix shows always pull us back in ... not that we're complaining!

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