Mom Goes On Unhinged Rant About Childless Millennials at Disney After Bad Day at the Park


Couple at Disney World

One mom's rant is going viral after she blamed a bad day at Disney World on all childless couples. What? Yep, you read that right. Apparently the mom was so worked up about people without kids heading to the happiest place on earth that she took to social media, where she claimed that only people with kids deserve the magic of a day with Mickey.

  • According to the mom's strong declaration, childless couples have no place at the park.

    Sure, waiting in line at the amusement park is no fun for anyone and maybe, just maybe, this mom went a little too far when she posted her distaste at "childless couples" at Disney World. In a post that was later published by user JenKatWrites on Twitter, the anonymous mom wrote that “[Disney World] is a FAMILY amusement park!” 

    “Yet these IMMATURE millennials THROW AWAY THEIR MONEY ON USELESS CRAP!!!! They have NO idea the JOY and HAPPINESS it is to MOTHERS WHO BUYS THEIR BABIES TREATS AND TOYS!!!!” she wrote. 

    She also added that childless couples will never experience the "exhaustion" of chasing your kids around the park while getting "STARES ASSUMING I'M A BAD MOTHER."

    Things got even uglier when the mom seemed personally offended by a woman wearing "sl*tty" shorts who was buying a pretzel in line ahead of her son. "Aiden wanted one but the line was very long so I said later and it broke his poor little heart," she wrote. "I WANTED TO TAKE THAT (expletive) PRETZEL FROM THAT TRAMP LIKE THANKS (expletive) YOU MADE MY SON CRY."

    The mom ended her tirade by saying that people without kids should be "banned" from Disney. "I (expletive) hate childless women with a burning passion!" she ended.

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  • Of course, people had some feelings about this. Namely, what the heck???

    The post which has been liked over 62,900 times and has over 17,000 comments, had a lot of people confused.

    "This woman is angry because...a woman bought herself a pretzel?" one person wrote in the comments of the thread. "And the line (at DISNEY) was long? Like. The likelihood that the pretzel sl*tty shorts woman even knows this woman or her child exist is pretty slim, right? This is deeply unhinged and kinda scary."

    "Wow she sure has convinced me that motherhood is a joy," another person wrote.

    "My personal favorite: 'and I just can’t tell him that he can’t do something. Because it’s HIS VACATION TOO!!!”' Pray tell. WHAT does a three year old need a vacation from, or for?" joked another woman.

  • Other people were scratching their head over the mom's logic.

    One commenter was straight-up puzzled. "Wait so she wants people without children to be banned from Disney World and also, at the same time people with children should be able to jump to the front of the queue... of people which consists now, entirely, of people with children?" the person asked.

    "My favorite part is where it says mothers with children should get to skip all the lines, but that people without children should be banned... how's that gonna work---" asked a second commenter.

    A third person pointed out that there are lots of hole in this mom's thinking. "Speaking as a parent with a 3-year-old, Ugh, why would you take a 3-year-old to Disney??" the person wrote. "They won't remember or appreciate it. Also, how can you go to Disney and expect to not stand in line. Also if she has a 3-year-old, odds are she's a millennial herself."

    The woman who posted the rant also chimed in under her original tweet and pointed out that perhaps Disney wasn't as concerned about childless couples as this mom was.

    "One last thought: I’m sure Disney is really invested in getting rid of childless adults at the parks and that’s why they have so many golf courses, honeymoon-oriented resorts, bars, and upscale restaurants," user JenKatWrites wrote.
    Another person in the thread won the day with his comment and perfectly summed up what all childless grown-ups are really thinking. "As a single person with no kids who goes to Disney World all the time, this is making me feel extremely powerful," he wrote.
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