10-Week-Old Preemie Discovered Dead With 96 Fractures Days After Finally Coming Home

baby Jazmine Robin

A 10-week-old baby who was born premature died after suffering more than 90 fractures, and her parents are being charged in her death.

Jazmine Rose Robin was born at just 29 weeks and spent several weeks in the hospital before coming home as a healthy baby on July 3, 2018.

  • Days later, she was dead. An autopsy discovered the infant had a skull fracture, contusions to her torso, broken ribs, and traumas to her arms and legs.

    Her parents, Jason Robin Jr. and Katharine White of Houston, were taken into custody Tuesday. Robin is charged with murder and White has been charged with injury to a child by omission.

    According to court documents revealed by ABC 13, the infant was brought to a hospital July 14 with "clearly inflicted head trauma.”

    Investigators spoke to Robin and White at the hospital and said in the court documents that the parents indicated the baby wouldn’t take a bottle and “acted weird.”

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  • There were ominous signs the infant was being neglected.

    Court documents show that around a week before her death, the parents said they performed CPR on Jazmine because she stopped breathing. However, they did not take her to the hospital after she regained consciousness.

    In addition, a doctor told investigators that she examined Jazmine just days before her death and urged the parents to take her to the hospital, but that they showed "no interest."

    Another individual, identified as someone who lived in the same house as the family, told investigators that he told Robin that the infant needed to be taken to the hospital, but that the dad refused to do so.

  • The final autopsy was delivered to investigators on May 23, and it clearly shows the trauma that baby Jazmine had suffered.

    The report revealed that the 10-week-old infant had 96 total fractures, including 71 rib fractures and 23 long bone fractures.

    The Daily Mail reports that Jazmine also had bruises on her face and skull, and that she ultimately died from being struck in the head.

  • Since Jazmine’s death, Katharine White has given birth to another girl, who is with Robin’s parents. The couple’s older son has been placed in foster care.

    Robin’s parents, Myka and and Jason Robin, said in a statement to ABC 13 that they were alarmed by the couple’s violent tendencies. 

    "I really don't know what to say except we told them they were toxic for each other, we tried to get them to split up,” they wrote. “They both had violent tempers but we never imagined this would happen. 

    “We lost a beautiful, strong angel who fought so hard to come home. We also lost a grandson to the system. I'm so very glad we got my granddaughter, Jai'cee who is loved and cherished everyday.”

  • Other family members are seeking justice for the baby girl.

    “It doesn't matter who it is. You need to be held responsible for the life of this child,” Jazmine's great-grandmother Virginia White told ABC 7.

    “I don't care if it's my daughter or my son. If you did it, you have to put on your big girl panties and take responsibility," she said. “It makes my heart break.”

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