Dog the Bounty Hunter Breaks Silence About Beth Chapman's Death

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Duane 'Dog' Chapman and Beth Chapman
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As the world continues to mourn the death of Beth Chapman, we can only imagine how her family is coping with their new reality. Dog the Bounty Hunter is speaking out about Beth's passing, how the family is trying to pick up the pieces, and Beth's last words that reiterate how much she adored those closest to her.

  • Beth Chapman died on June 26 at just 51.

    The former reality star was rushed to the hospital before spending time in the ICU amid complaints of pain and difficulty breathing. Beth Chapman was placed in a medically induced coma Saturday in response to a choking emergency.

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  • Duane "Dog" Chapman took to Twitter hours after her death to reveal she passed on.

    Dog and Beth, who married in 2006, have two children together: Bonnie Joanne Chapman, 20, and Garry Chapman, 18. Duane adopted Cecily Barmore-Chapman, 26, Beth's daughter from a previous marriage, who joins Dominic Davis, the son Beth had when she was a teenager.

    Beth and Duane Chapman enjoyed a blended family as Dog has many children -- Duane Lee, Leland, Zebediah (died in 1980, the same month he was born), Wesley, James Robert, Barbara (died in 2006), Tucker Dee, Lyssa Rae, and Christopher Michael Hecht -- from previous marriages and relationships.

  • He's since opened up about his family's devastating loss and how they're coping.

    Beth was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer back in 2017. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor with doctors stating she was cancer-free after. Sadly, she was hospitalized a year later -- resulting in emergency throat surgery -- with doctors revealing the cancer came back.

  • "It's terrible, the most terrible time in someone's life," Duane recently confessed to Hawaii News Now.

    "You kind of try to remember that you're celebrating life, but right now we're mourning the death, so it's not good," he told the outlet about Beth's untimely death. "The cancer gig, of course, we've gotta find a cure ... because all we have now is some get lucky, but most pass away."

  • Dog also revealed Beth's final words before she died.

    Beth Chapman (l) and Duane Chapman
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    "When she had an attack I didn't know anything to do but to say 'in Jesus' name' and hold her and when I said 'in Jesus' name' she said, 'Say it again, say it more,'" he told Hawaii News Now. "And then she told the girls and everybody, with her mouth -- she came out of it a couple times -- 'I love you' and 'Are you guys all okay? Don't worry,' but she never accepted it."

  • Our thoughts are with this family.

    We truly hope for peace and healing as the Chapman family navigates life without Beth. It has got to be an emotional and painful time to cope with such a loss.

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