Hilary Duff's Fiancé Apologizes With a Pleasure Toy & We Can't Unsee It

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Matthew Koma, Hilary Duff, Banks Koma
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Well, we may just have a new favorite celebrity couple. After Hilary Duff and fiancé Matthew Koma got into a bit of a spat, he apologized to her in the most hilarious way. And now, it seems like all is right between them, but we still can't get his "gift" to her out of our heads.

(Warning: It's a bit NSFW!)

  • Matthew shared a photo of his apology on Instagram, which involved a dildo inside a pizza box.

    ... because he was a D-I-C (you know the rest) when they argued.

    TBH, this is pretty perfect and it shows that Matthew has a good sense of humor. Every couple argues -- especially when they have a baby (Banks is only 8 months!) -- and a lot of times, as Matthew said in his caption, it's totally unnecessary. 

    Besides, how could Hilary be mad after seeing this piece of work?

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  • Of course, Hilary responded with a funny comment of her own on the post.

    Hilary Duff responds to fiance Matthew Koma's dildo apology

    Talk about a sweet comment! Hilary and Matthew have only been engaged for about a month, so this is probably a good preview of what their married life together will be like. And if it includes a lot of laughs and dildo jokes, they're probably in for a fun ride.

  • It seems fans wholeheartedly approve of Matthew's apology. 

    People are loving this Instagram post. It might be a little inappropriate, but sometimes, the best jokes are.

    Besides, knowing how to defuse an argument like this? It's a priceless skill.

  • Hilary & Matthew are well on their way to becoming serious #RelationshipGoals.

    They're the cutest, and now that we know their relationship is so playful, we love them even more. 

    We'll be ready and waiting to see how they end the next argument. He's going to have to work hard to top this one!