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  • Honestly, when you consider how incredibly pricey breast implants can be, this isn't such a bad deal, costwise ... 

    According to Bankrate, the average cost of a breast augmentation procedure (as of 2014) was $3,708.

    But there are other related surgery costs too, the site notes (such as anesthesia and other added fees), which could run anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. (Yikes.)

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  • Still, buying someone's used breast implants on the Internet just feels ... wrong? And unsanitary? And slightly (or majorly) sketchy?

    And yet, this isn't the first time this has happened. 

    Back in 2017, a woman in the UK made headlines for selling her used breast implants online. In that case, she used eBay, and she claimed they were in her body for just 11 months and in "excellent condition." 

    Her fee? $250 for the pair of 'em. Which, again, sounds like a great deal ... except that experts kind of frown upon it.

  • Antonia Mariconda, founder of The Safety in Beauty campaign, spoke to Cosmopolitan at the time and made things clear: It's definitely not advised.

    "We urge any member of the public considering purchasing second hand breast implants to think twice," she said. "They are certainly not sterile as the seller alleges far from it. Once removed from the body, used breast implants should be disposed of; not cleaned up and resold."

    Hmm ... yeah. This definitely sounds like sound advice.

  • Whatever the case, it seems the items have been sold -- but Huff did land in temporary Facebook jail for it.

    Yahoo Lifestyle reports that Huff was barred from posting more listings -- only until June 2, though.

    "Dang It!" a May 30 post from Huff reads. "I can’t post nothing on the Facebook groups until June 2... I am not done advertising ... ugh."

    "Haters!" quipped one woman, while another assured her that Facebook must just be jealous of her "enterprising capabilities."

    (LOL -- sure! Let's go with that one.)