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  • At the time of her disappearance, Dulos had been embroiled in a bitter divorce from her husband of 13 years.

    Dulos had actually filed for divorce from her husband, Fotis Dulos, back in 2017, but the court battle that ensued over their assets and the custody of their children appears to have been dragging on. And all signs certainly point to it being contentious. 

    Dulos actually requested emergency custody of her children when she filed for divorce two years ago, claiming she feared her husband would try to kidnap her children or worse, kill her. But weeks later, Inside Edition reports, a judge denied the motion, finding there was "no immediate or present risk of physical danger." Since then, Dulos and her husband have continued to split custody temporarily.

    The children, who range in age from 8 to 13 (and include two pairs of twins), are reportedly being cared for by Dulos's mother, after a court scheduled hearing Wednesday was called in regard to their safety and well-being. They are also under the watch of an armed guard.

    Needless to say, they are gripped with fear and anguish over what could have happened to their mother.

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  • "They miss their mother terribly, but they are doing as well under the circumstances as one could," said Carrie Luft, a spokeswoman for the family.

    "Jennifer is an incredibly devoted mother," Luft shared in an interview with Good Morning America. "She is also the most reliable and conscientious person I know. She is never late for anything. She shows up early to everything in her life. I, and her friends and family, know she would never ever disappear voluntarily."

    It's that same sentiment that keeps plaguing friends and family, who have always known the mother of five to be fiercely devoted to her children.

  • As for Dulos's estranged husband, Fotis, police aren't saying yet whether he's a suspect in her disappearance.

    Her disappearance is, at least for now, being treated as a missing persons case rather than a potential homicide.

    In the meantime, family and friends continue to pray for her safe return, but they are tortured by the what ifs.

    "It's devastating, a heartbreaking situation," Luft shared on Good Morning America. "We are all incredibly concerned, but very hopeful she will come back to use safe and sound, and a great deal of what is keeping everyone going is the outpouring of support from the public."

    In the meantime, New Canaan Police are urging anyone who had contact with Dulos on Friday who may have information regarding her disappearance to call the tip line at (203) 594-3544.