Stepmom Confesses to Suffocating 3-year-old Girl to Death Before Her Birthday

Arianna Stout
Facebook/Mckenley Stout

McKenley Jordan Yadon -- also known as McKenley Stout -- posted a tribute May 19, 2019, to her late 3-year-old stepdaughter Arianna Rose Stout on her fourth birthday. “Happy Birthday baby girl!! Miss you dearly, fly high baby ❤❤ 

I love you so very much!!” the Utah woman wrote on Facebook.

Days later Yadon, 24, would be charged with Arianna’s murder.

  • The Facebook post is chilling considering that just weeks earlier, Yadon allegedly planned and then killed Arianna in her bed.

    Police responded to a medical assist call of a choking child on March 14 at a home in Vernal City. According to an affidavit obtained by People, police found the child “unresponsive, not breathing, and cold to the touch” with “dark purple and black bruising in front, on top, inside and around her left ear.”

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  • Arianna was taken to Ashley Regional Medical Center where she died an hour later.

    The medical examiner concluded May 23 that Arianna died of asphyxia due to smothering.

    “It is clearly a tragic situation,” Assistant Chief of Police Keith Campbell told People.

    After they received the autopsy results, police arrested Yadon in connection with Arianna's murder. She allegedly confessed to planning her daughter's death for days before she smothered her with a blanket in her bed.

  • “McKenley stated she had been planning and thinking about doing this act for two or three days prior to March 14, 2019,” the affidavit read.

    She then allegedly gave a “detailed account” of the crime, describing the child’s “body movements and struggle during this event as she maintained consistent force over [the girl’s] airway,” according to the affidavit.

    McKenley allegedly said that she “maintained this force” for a period of four to five minutes until the child was dead, and waited for 10 to 15 minutes before calling a friend.

  • Yadon was charged with first-degree aggravated murder and second-degree child abuse.

    Yadon was expected to appear in court June 3.

    Arianna’s grandmother, Christina Cook, spoke out about her heartbreaking loss.

    “She was just the most beautiful little redhead angel that was born,” she told FOX 13. “This is just something I wouldn’t wish on anybody, not even my worst enemy. It’s just unbearable. It really is. It’s unbearable.

    "We didn't see any signs of her being abused," Cook added. "I just had that gut feeling that she had done something. She was the last one to have physical contact with my granddaughter."

    A commenter on Yadon’s post expressed disbelief at the woman’s alleged heartlessness. “You were supposed to love her,” she wrote.

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