18-Month-Old Dies in a Hot Car After Dad Leaves Her for 45 Minutes to Hang Out


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A 23-year-old father has been arrested in connection with the death of this daughter, who he reportedly left alone in a car for nearly an hour. According to police, Ty Martin from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is accused of leaving his 18-month-old girl in a hot vehicle while he went to visit a friend, smoke weed, and play video games. Tragically, his lack of alleged judgement proved to be a fatal mistake.

  • According to reports, Martin's daughter was alone in his car while he went to visit with a friend.

    In a statement, Lake Havasu City Police shared that police responded to a 911 call at the home of 23-year-old Noah Grabowski. When they arrived at the scene, they learned that Martin had left his toddler by herself for approximately 45 minutes to an hour while spending time with his friend.

    When the father returned to his vehicle, the girl was allegedly found unresponsive. When police arrived, they immediately began CPR and continued until the fire department was on scene, and the toddler was taken to the hospital. 

    The girl, who has yet to be identified in the press, never recovered and was pronounced dead on arrival.

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  • Police arrested Martin and Grabowski, who was later discovered to be growing marijuana at his home.

    Martin (above) was arrested on charges of manslaughter, and after police obtained a search warrant to examine his home, Grabowski was arrested on charges of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, and cultivation of marijuana.

    The Mohave Daily News reported that Martin later admitted to investigators he had been smoking marijuana and playing video games with Grabowski during the time his daughter quietly died outside.

    "This incident is tragic for everyone involved, and completely avoidable," police said.

    Both men have made their initial appearances in court but are being held on no bond. Police also noted that the investigation is ongoing.

  • Police are reminding parents that it's never OK to leave your child alone in the car.

    "The Lake Havasu City Police Department would like to remind everyone that it is never acceptable to leave a child unattended inside of a motor vehicle," police explained. "Inside temperatures can spike rapidly, even with the air conditioner running." 

    In fact, KidsandCars.org notes that a car's interior temperature can reach 125 degrees in minutes and "80 percent of the increase in temperature happens in the first 10 minutes."

    And though it might seem to be helpful, cracking a window "does not help slow the heating process Or decrease the maximum temperature," according to the site. 

    "Children have died from heatstroke in cars in temps as low as 60 degrees," it continues.

    Police added that even without concerns about the car overheating, leaving a child alone in a car is never a good idea. "An unattended child inside of a vehicle, running or not, could be subjected to a host of other dangers," they warned.

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