Student Falls 30 Feet After Climbing a Tower to Take a Selfie with the New York City Skyline

girl selfie died
Inside Edition

Capturing the perfect selfie is a feat that many, believe it or not, have died trying to do. That was hardly the goal for Fordham University student Sydney Monfries, 22. The college student, who was due to graduate in a few weeks, was trying to take a picture of the New York City skyline around 3 a.m. April 14. She sadly fell 30 feet from the Keating Hall tower on campus and died later that day from her injuries, the New York Post reported. 

Taking a selfie from the tower is allegedly a "rite of passage," but the young journalism major never considered the dangers of climbing the historical tower. From 2011 to 2017, more than 259 people have died trying to capture the perfect dramatic selfie, according to Inside Edition, which called such an image an "extreme selfie."  

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