Cardi B Opens Up About Drugging & Robbing Men to 'Survive'

Cardi B

All of us have a past, and sometimes, it comes back to haunt us. Cardi B is opening up about how she survived back in the day that, apparently, included drugging and robbing men who wanted to sleep with the now-superstar. As one might imagine, revelation of the celeb new mom's past actions isn't sitting well with people ... at all.

  • An old video Cardi shared on Instagram Live resurfaced where she admits to using drugs to rob men during her days as a stripper.

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    "I had to go strip. I had to go, 'Oh yeah, you wanna f--k me? Yeah yeah yeah, let's go back to this hotel.' And I drugged n----s up and I robbed them," Cardi B explains in the footage from three years ago reshared on Twitter.

    "That's what I used to do. Nothing was muthaf--kin' handed to me, my n---a. Nothing! I'm a good-hearted person but I have done some f--ked up s--t. Y'all don't have to worry about it, y'all don't gotta tell my story."

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  • Needless to say, Cardi's confession did not sit well with folks and sparked a #SurvivingCardiB hashtag on Twitter.

    A number of people are expressing their outrage using #SurvivingCardiB to vent their frustrations. They're tired of rape culture as a collective and feel the "Bodak Yellow" needs to be called out for her actions, regardless of how catchy her records are.

  • People are giving her zero passes and are ready to cancel her once and for all.

    Given the revelations about R. Kelly (we didn't need to see the Surviving R. Kelly series to be done with him, but that's a different story), Bill Cosby, and a long list of other predators taking advantage of people by any means, critics want people to keep that same energy with Cardi.

  • Welp, Cardi caught wind of the anger and released a statement in her own defense.

    "All I can do now is be a better me for myself my family and my future," Cardi writes in her Instagram post in response to the backlash.

  • And it's quite clear it's getting her zero points with the Internet.

    Facebook comments

    As anyone can see from this reaction, a number of people are done with Cardi B and are comparing her to Bill Cosby, who got convicted of sexually assaulting women with drugs.

  • Girl ...

    Only time will tell if people will officially stop supporting Cardi's endeavors with their dollars.

    What's interesting is that Cardi and JLo are starring in a new movie about strippers who scam wealthy men out of thousands of dollars -- so we'll see who supports this future movie given this real-life revelation.

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