'Coward' Couple Charged After Doctors Find 4-Month-Old Has 28 Fractured Bones

X-ray of injuries to baby by Aleksandra Kopinska and Adam JendrzeczakX-ray of injuries to baby by Aleksandra Kopinska and Adam Jendrzeczak
The Daily Mail

A couple from Brighton, England is facing serious consequences after a court sentenced them to eight years in prison for harming an innocent 4-month-old baby. According to the police report, Aleksandra Kopinska and Adam Jendrzeczak have been convicted of multiple crimes, all stemming from a hospital visit that revealed that a baby boy in their care had 28 distinct fractures. But what also appalled the judge who presided over their case was Jendrzeczak's absolute lack of remorse over his actions. 

  • The horrifying crime was first discovered when the couple brought the boy to the hospital for a broken arm.

    According to a Sussex police report, Jendrzeczak, age 32, and Kopinska, age 22, brought a 4-month-old boy into the Royal Alexander Children’s Hospital in Brighton, England, in February 2017 with a broken left arm. But when staff went to X-ray the baby, they found that he had 27 additional fractures throughout his entire body, including "multiple rib fractures, knee fractures, and ankle fractures."

    Jendrzeczak and Kopinska attempted to explain to police that the broken arm had been the result of the boy tripping over a raised carpet and claimed they had no idea how he had sustained his other injuries despite his "immense" pain. But the police weren't buying their unlikely story. They arrested Jendrzeczak and Kopinska and the baby was then taken into police custody and placed in the care of a local authority until a suitable placement could be found.

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  • In court on January 14, the couple faced serious charges that were only made worse by Jendrzeczak's attitude.

    Hove Crown Court Judge Christine Henson presided over the couple's case and she didn't hide her disgust for Jendrzeczak.

    According to The Argus, the drama first started because Jendrzeczak dismissed his court-appointed representation, lawyer Brian Shaw, and asked the judge to postpone his trial until his own lawyer could be sent from his native Poland. Judge Henson refused to delay the trial, and in response, Jendrzeczak then reportedly begged to be represented by Shaw. However, Shaw told the court that Jendrzeczak had refused to talk to him before the hearing and therefore could not speak on the man's behalf.

    During mitigation, the now-convicted criminal said he felt he was being "discriminated against" for not having his own lawyer, but Judge Henson did not seem to feel the same way. "You see yourself as a victim. You have shown absolutely no remorse," she told him. "Those who had to deal with you, both neighbors and health professionals, found your demeanor to be aggressive and hostile."

    Jendrzeczak was previously convicted of domestic violence in 2011, which is believed to be against his own mother. And in the case of the 4-month-old boy who was injured in his care, the judge told him he had displayed a "complete disregard" for the boy's well-being and was found to be in a “controlling” relationship with Kopinska. The judge added that he had “high levels of anger” in the relationship.

    According to the police report, the couple also admitted during the hearing to lying to doctors when they first brought the infant to the hospital, claiming that the injury happened only days before they brought him in to be examined. However specialists in pediatric medicine provided evidence that proved the injuries were likely inflicted between four to six weeks before they brought the boy in.

    The Argus noted that Kopinska was also described in court as being "passive and subdued” during the hearing and would not confirm to officials whether she had been the victim of domestic violence. Defending counselor Mark Kessler described the woman as being “cowardly.”

  • Judge Henson sentenced the couple to eight years in prison and made a special stipulation so that Jendrzeczak will serve most of his sentence. 

    After hearing both sides of the case, the judge found that there were no preexisting medical reasons why the boy would have had so many fractures. She found the couple guilty of "causing or allowing serious bodily harm to the baby boy aged between one and three months" and "cruelty to the same baby," according to the police report. She then sentenced the couple to eight years in prison and imposed an extended sentence for Jendrzeczak where he is required to serve two-thirds of his custodial sentence before he can be considered for parole, according to The Argus.

    Speaking of the boy's injuries, the judge told the couple the fractures, "were non-accidental, they were deliberately caused and required significant force to inflict. They would have caused immense pain. That pain would have been obvious to both of you."

    “The injuries you caused were truly appalling and showed wicked cruelty towards a tiny baby, almost beyond belief," she added. 

    Detective Sergeant Jenny Pietersen of the Sussex Police also spoke about the case and told reporters:

    "This is a really sad case of child abuse against a vulnerable young child who at 4 months old was helpless and defenseless. We worked closely with the local authority and medical professionals to ensure that the child was safe and prevented any further suffering ... This case will resonate with everyone who hears of it and I am happy to report that the child is developing well, and is not restricted by the injuries he sustained at such a young age.”