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  • The baby girl was found floating on her back in the pond with grass in her mouth and mud in her eyes.

    Police quickly arrived. They told KMBC-TV that the baby had floated to the surface and appeared “lifeless" and “lethargic” but still was alive. One of the responding officers reportedly performed CPR and then wrapped the baby in his uniform shirt to keep her warm.

    The baby girl was treated for severe hypothermia -- her body temperature was 87.9 degrees, which is about 10 degrees below normal. Authorities estimate she was in the water for five to 10 minutes. Thankfully, the girl is now said to be in stable condition at the hospital.

    "Somebody was certainly watching out over that kid today, without a doubt," Lt. Aaron Fordham told KMBC-TV. “She’s still continuing to make progress.”

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  • The baby's father has been arrested and charged with first-degree domestic assault.

    jonathon zicarelli mugshot
    Jackson County Detention Center

    Zicarelli reportedly told police he planned to drown the baby to make things easier on his wife, who was stressed because of the holidays and the struggle of trying to provide for their family. Additional details about the man's wife and other children have not been released.

  • Lt. Aaron Fordham of the Greenwood Police Department said the man's alleged financial and emotional problems may have been a big factor in the crime.

    "To describe his demeanor, he was very kind of detached in a sense, I guess you could say," Fordham told ABC 13.

    "I think there's probably more close calls on this than we would like to admit. If anyone is in a crisis state, or something like that, I would certainly advise that they would seek out help and there's a lot of resources out there."