Mom of Missing Colorado Woman Speaks Out & Defends Her Daughter's Fiancé

kelsey berreth

Questions continue to be raised in the disappearance of a 29-year-old Colorado mom who hasn't been seen since Thanksgiving Day. Kelsey Berreth was reported missing on December 2, almost 10 days after her last sighting in public at a Safeway store near her home in Woodland Park, Colorado. Kelsey has a 1-year-old daughter with her fiancé, Patrick Frazee, leading many to ask questions about his possible involvement in the case. Now, Kelsey's mom, Cheryl Berreth, has come forward in a new interview to set the record straight about her daughter's relationship.

  • In an interview with NBC, Cheryl Berreth described her daughter's relationship with Frazee as "loving."

    She said the couple have a strong bond, and she called out the public for questioning Frazee's involvement in her daughter's disappearance. "The speculation hasn't been helpful," she said. "Don't try to figure this out -- we've got people trying to do that. Just share the photo There's more important things to be done."

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  • The questions about Frazee intensified after he failed to show up to a press conference on Monday.

    Frazee was among the last to see Kelsey, when he reportedly met with her on Thanksgiving to pick up their daughter. The couple do not yet live together but share custody of their child, and some found it odd that it was Kelsey's mother, not Frazee, who originally reported her missing. On a Facebook page set up to help find Kelsey, many have also asked why Frazee has not yet spoken to the press.

    But Frazee's lawyer, Jeremy Loew, told NBC that his client only missed this week's press conference because was given an hour’s notice and he would have shown up had he been given more time. The lawyer also said Frazee has voluntarily released his phone to be searched by investigators and has provided cheek swabs for DNA samples.

    According to Loew, the police do not consider Frazee to be a person of interest in the case. "I have no reason to believe he's a suspect, and the police have not isolated him as a suspect in this case," he said.

  • Surveillance footage from the last known sighting of Kelsey has been released to the public.

    Cheryl also told NBC that she spoke to her daughter twice on the day she is believed to have gone missing, and she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. “Her voice was fine. It was a normal day for her,” the mom recalled.

    On November 25, three days after Thanksgiving, two text messages were reportedly sent from Kelsey's phone. One went to her employer, Doss Aviation, and said she wouldn't be at work the following week. The other was sent to Frazee, but the contents of the message have not been released.

  • In her interview with NBC, Cheryl said she firmly believes her daughter is OK and that someone knows where she is.

    "I still know somebody knows where she's at. Somebody has seen her. There's more information out there. Somebody just needs to realize, recognize, say something,” she said. "In the back of mind, sure, there's a possibility something else could have happened. But it does me no good to go down that road. And I don't think it does Kelsey any good either."