There's Another Missing Colorado Mom -- Last Seen By Fiancé

missing mom kelsey berreth

The unexplained disappearance of a Colorado mom keeps getting stranger with every new development. The mom, Kelsey Berreth, was last seen in public on Thanksgiving Day, shopping with her 1-year-old daughter at Safeway in Woodland Park, Colorado. Later, she met briefly with her fiancé so he could pick up their daughter. But no one has seen or heard from the mom since, save for a few mysterious text messages supposedly sent from her cell phone.

  • When investigators searched Berreth's home, they found nearly everything intact.

    Berreth's cars, clothes, toothbrush, makeup, and her suitcases were all there, according to CBS News. Officials even found cinnamon rolls sitting baked in the kitchen, apparently untouched since Thanksgiving Day. Berreth's purse and cell phone appeared to be the only items missing.

    On November 25, three days after Thanksgiving, police say Berreth's cellphone pinged near Gooding, Idaho, nearly 600 miles away from where she was last seen. That same day, Berreth's employer, Doss Aviation, got a text message from her phone stating that she would not be showing up to work the following week. Berreth's fiancé, Patrick Frazee, also got a text, though the contents of the message have not been released.

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  • Berreth and Frazee have a 1-year-old daughter together, but the couple shares custody of the girl and have never lived together.

    On Thanksgiving Day, Frazee and Berreth met so he could pick up their daughter, but the dad claims he has not seen or heard from his fiancée since. Berreth was not reported missing until December 2, nearly 10 days after the last sighting of her at Safeway. And it was her mother who reported her missing, leading some to question why Frazee did not report her disappearance sooner.

  • A Facebook page set up to aid the search for Berreth has, unfortunately, been flooded with speculation about the people close to her.

    Berreth's family has asked the public to refrain from speculating about Frazee or anyone else linked to Berreth. At this time, the Woodland Park Police say they are treating the disappearance as a missing person's case, that there is no indication of trouble in her relationship with Frazee, and they have not identified anyone as a suspect.

  • Berreth's mom, Cheryl, made a plea for her safe return during a press conference on Monday.

    The worried mom told the media that her family is very close to one another and her daughter would never run off without telling anyone, especially now that she has a 1-year-old daughter. "She's not the kind that runs off. This is completely out of character. She's reliable, considerate and honest," Cheryl said. "She doesn't run off and someone knows where she's at. Kelsey we just want you home. Call us if you can and we won't quit looking."

  • Kelsey is described as 5 feet 3 inches tall and 110 pounds, and was last seen wearing a white shirt, gray sweater, blue pants, white shoes, and a brown purse.

    If you have any information on Kelsey Berreth's whereabouts, you're urged to contact the Woodland Park Police Department at (719) 687-9262.