Husband Drinks the Water Mom Had Soaked Her Menstrual Cup In & Has No Clue



Have you ever heard something so gnarly you immediately felt yourself throw up a little bit? Well luckily for us all, one mom saw her husband unknowingly do something unthinkably gross and is sharing her dilemma with us. The problem started when she forgot to move the mug she uses to sterilize her menstrual cup and he ended up drinking the *flavorful* water as she watched in horror. The kicker? He didn't even realize what he'd done, and for now, it's her little secret.

  • After she removed her newly cleaned menstrual cup, her husband spotted a mug of hot water -- his new favorite! -- and gulped down the water she'd been soaking it in.

    The anonymous wife shared on a parenting forum, Mumsnet, that she was soaking her Mooncup in hot water that was in a mug for the first time since her last period. Once it was clean, she took it out and didn't have a chance to put it in the dishwasher before heading up stairs to get her child ready for school.

    When she came back into the kitchen, there was her husband enjoying her, shall we say signature cocktail, that had been left in the mug. "[Dear Husband] has recently taken to drinking hot water plain -- he alternates it with coffee as he says it makes his breath better," she wrote. "He drank the Mooncup water and was finishing the mug as he left for work."

    Her unsuspecting husband just assumed the mug of hot water had been left out for him, and instead of stopping him, she stayed quiet as he finished his morning beverage. But now she's wondering if she should tell him the truth or if he's better off not knowing?  

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  • After they got over their initial disgust, most moms agreed: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T TELL HIM.

  • "What on earth would it achieve?" one person told her.

  • But of course, some judge-y people were a bit rude, TBH.

    Many women were upset that wife didn't sterilize her cup in a pan on the stove, mostly for hygienic reasons, but we guess not having your husband drink from your period cup is also a pretty good reason to keep your period products away from your drinking glasses. 

    According to the Mooncup website, the company also recommend women "boil (your Mooncup) immersed in water for five to seven minutes (in a pan you use just for this purpose)."

  • But another woman straight-up said that she should tell her husband what he did just to see his face.

    Some women just want to watch the world burn.

  • And this woman said to use it as revenge the next time her husband pisses her off.

  • In the end, she's learning toward telling him. After all, she's ingested *his* bodily fluids.

  • And fair is fair, after all.