My Healthy Newborn Died After Getting Vaccinated & This Is What I Need You to Know

Megan Egidi

Megan Egidi

As told to Lauren Levy by Megan Egidi

TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains images and information about infant loss, which may be triggering to some.

I never shared these pictures publicly on my Facebook before. But I think it's time. It's taking a lot of courage to press "share." I think it needs to be seen. These photos from her funeral weren't a planned thing. Someone thought I would cherish these pictures in the future and took them -- and now I'm glad they did. It may make some people mad or uncomfortable, but it's my reality every day. It's the reality of what can happen from vaccinating.

  • There are dangers, especially with very small babies. I had no idea and I wish that I did.

    Megan Egidi

    I wish I could go back. I hope you can read the pain and shock on our faces. Because pain, shock, and not accepting what had just happened is how I felt then. And she looked like such an angel. A beautiful angel.

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  • I am a mom of three beautiful kids from the Pittsburgh area and believed wholeheartedly in vaccines before this.

    Megan Egidi

    I was one of those moms who never really had even heard of the dangers of getting your kids vaccinated before this -- just the benefits. Obviously, my outlook is a complete 180 now after researching since my daughter passed away.

  • She was given the Hepatitis B vaccine around 3:30 p.m. on September 26 during her first doctor's appointment. She died less than 48 hours later.

    Megan Egidi

    Her name was Remi Rose and she was so loved. We wanted to do what was best for our baby and so we listened to our doctors and vaccinated her. Everything in me was screaming not to for some reason and I had no idea why. I even denied it the first time they asked, and that's why she didn't get vaccinated until she was 3 weeks old. 

  • The doctor told me that it was very important that she got vaccinated, that I was putting her at risk, and made me feel like a bad mom.

    Megan Egidi

    But here are a couple of things about Hepatitis B. It is a disease that you can get from blood-to-blood contact, especially sexual contact or sharing needles with drug addicts. So why is this vaccine given to babies on their first couple days and weeks of life? 

    What the doctor did was wrong, pressuring me. But I should've held my ground. You are allowed to say no and hold your ground. You're not a bad mom. You're a wonderful mom for wanting to protect your baby and for wanting to know more!

  • Remi was visibly ill by a few hours after we got home from the doctor's appointment.

    Megan Egidi

    The first thing that I noticed was that she was visibly stiff and her eyes were very bugged out. She screamed and cried a lot that night and she hardly ate. She was so obviously uncomfortable. 

    The next day she did nothing but cry and sleep. It was strange for her because she was such a good baby. 

    The night before she passed away, she was still stiff, weak, and sleeping more than usual. She was also hardly feeding. She was visibly losing a bit of weight just over those 48 hours, and that night was her last night alive. We went to bed and I woke up once to try to feed her. She wasn't interested and she seemed groggy. We went back to sleep and I woke up in the morning to her being unresponsive.

    Looking back at pictures, I now also notice that the top of her head looks visibly risen compared to before the vaccine. 

  • If you look at the vaccine insert, sleep apnea and trouble breathing can be a reaction to the shot.

    Megan Egidi

    That's exactly what happened to Remi. She just stopped breathing in the middle of the night with no explanation. It was ruled unexplained and we are still fighting to this day to get the truth from them. They did not do the proper testing to even see if it was the vaccine but I know it was. 

    The test that I'd like them to do is on her brain matter and would show the damage as well as toxicity to the ingredients in this particular vaccine. It tests for levels of aluminum and the different adjuvants to see if it is high and caused any damage to her brain. That's the proof that I need and they refused to do it for whatever reason.

  • I saw what happened to my baby the day she got her shot. She deteriorated over less than 48 hours and then died in her sleep. 

    I can only wish she went peacefully with no pain. I can only wish that she could have told me what was wrong with her so we could have saved her. We will get to the truth no matter how long it takes. I promise. I promise in her name.

  • Yes, I had vaccinated my oldest son, now 4, who also had problems.

    Megan Egidi

    After his 2-year injections, he had a seizure that night at 3 a.m. We called the ambulance and he never had another seizure again. We actually stopped vaccinating him after that experience because the doctor said it was too much of a risk. However, I was told that I should continue to vaccinate my other kids.

    My daughter, Aizlynn is now 3, and she was also vaccinated only up until she was 2 years old. She was always sick as a baby and developed very horrible eczema. They are both healthier than they have ever been since we haven't had either of them vaccinated in a while. I will never do that to my children again, knowing what i know now.

  • I decided to share my experience so that hopefully someone, somewhere would start questioning.

    Megan Egidi

    I hope that I can plant that seed and that other parents will water it with knowledge and let it grow. Maybe if I can save one baby from being poisoned, that something positive will come from my daughter's short life by saving others. 

    Never, ever let doctors make you feel like you're backed into a corner. This is why it is so important to arm yourself with knowledge so you can go into appointments and know what you're talking about. If you feel too nervous to stand up to them or question what they say, don't go. Change doctors. Find a new one that will not treat you that way. You deserve to make the decisions for your baby. If we don't fight for them, no one will.

    The response has been crazy. I have so many warrior mamas rallying behind me. Such amazing supportive people out there, and I am forever thankful. With that being said, there have also been the horrible people trying to discredit my truth by any means... Just trying to discredit me any way that they can so the vaccines don't take the blame.

  • My message to pro vaxxers:

    Megan Egidi

    I was like you once. Literally just like you. Now look where I'm at. My daughter died because of my ignorance. Arm yourself with information. It was horrible seeing my child die. It's something I don't have words to explain. If i had to try, it would be helpless, hopeless, and agony. 

    New parents, please remember that you can always delay vaccine until you've researched but you can never unvaccinate.

  • When she first died, I was in such shock that it took a couple days until after the funeral for me to even think about what had just happened.

    I questioned the cause of her death right at the beginning but didn't know anything about vaccines. So I started researching, especially stories about the Hep B vaccine, and reading the inserts. After I saw the insert warnings, I knew that's what had happened to her. She deteriorated fast after her shots and literally had textbook reactions after the shot. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn't know why she was so sick so fast.

    I never spoke to the doctor again, but I did speak to the receptionist. She hugged me and told me she was so sorry for my loss. (I had gone to pay Remi's doctor bill.) I got out of there as fast as I could because I literally didn't want to see that doctor. I'm scared what I would say to him, truthfully. He promised me that she would be OK.

    But if I could say anything to her pediatrician, I would tell him that he should be ashamed of himself for lying to me and making me feel like a bad mother for originally denying the Hep B in the hospital after she was born.

  • Unfortunately, not everyone believes me but that won't stop me from speaking out.

    Megan Egidi

    The biggest thing that people are suggesting is that I had something to do with my daughter's death somehow. I have proved that wrong over and over by showing the autopsy results publicly. Those who don't believe me think that I suffocated her and am just lying, but the autopsy results show that isn't the truth.

    I hope others learn that they need to do their own research before just blindly believing in vaccines. If you have a bad feeling, say no and go research ingredients, look at independent studies, look at package inserts. Just arm yourself with knowledge so you're making an educated decision instead of a decision made from being scared.