Viral Photo Finally Shows Us Where All the Kids' Missing Socks May Be Hiding

missing socks dryer photo

It's so annoying when you're folding laundry and there are always those few socks at the end of the load without a match. Your kids swear they put all the socks in the hamper, and that they're not hiding under the bed, and you know you moved everything over from the washer, so where the heck did they go? It's not like the washing machine ate them -- or did it?

  • Turns out those of us who jokingly blame missing socks on a hungry dryer might be on to something.

    When a couple of property managers decided to take apart a dryer that wasn't working, they were shocked to find a treasure trove of single socks hiding under the wash basin.

    The couple explained on Bored Panda that the bottom of the machine and the water pump area was hiding a ton of socks, underwear, $7.00 in change (Dollar Menu run, anyone?), and even a credit card. They were beyond surprised to find out that years of customers claiming the washer and dryer "ate" things might actually be true. "25 years he has been doing this job," they wrote, "and for 25 years he has been working on appliances, including washers and dryers. But NEVER have we seen this!"

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  • The photo was shared on Twitter, where it quickly went viral from people who have also wondered about the missing sock mystery.

    This entire time I always assumed all the missing socks were being used by the house mice as tents (which would also explain why I lose bobby pins as fast as I buy them). But now I'll have to check inside the dryer, just in case.

  • Some people saw the photo as vindication for never wanting to wear matching socks in the first place.

    To be fair, they are covered up by shoes, so does it really matter if they match so long as they're clean?

  • Others wondered what else could be hiding in their dryers besides knee-highs and no-shows.

    And to think, you've been mad at your sister for the past nine years because you thought she stole your good sports bra when really it's been hanging out in the bottom of your parents' dryer this whole time. 

  • Even if you're lucky enough to never have a sock go rogue, you still might want to take a peek inside your dryer.

    It doesn't hurt to take a few minutes to check for items that could be potential safety hazards. 

  • If the base is the dryer's stomach, don't forget to also check its pantry for socks too -- the tube that comes out of the back.

    It turns out small and loose items can get trapped there as well. 

  • We've all learned something today.

    *Gives dryer the side-eye*