2 Kids Left Alone All Day With Dad's Dead Body After School Fails to Call Their Mom

Helen Daykin/Facebook

In a story almost too horrific to seem real, two young toddlers were forced to spend the day at home with their father's dead body. Concerned for her possibly traumatized children and angered by what they went through, their mother is ultimately blaming the school for the entire ordeal


British mom Helen Daykin says she was on a trip for work when she began noticing something was off. After her husband, Chris, failed to answer her phone call in the morning, she assumed he was just busy getting their daughters, 5-year-old Pearl and 3-year-old Iris, off to school. But around dinnertime, after she still hadn't heard from him, Daykin asked her mother to stop by and check on her husband and children.

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Daykin's mother couldn't get into the house. She also noticed that none of the lights were on inside, and the family's milk delivery had been left outdoors. It was then that the woman called the police. "I got on the train, and at [8 p.m.] I got a call to say my husband had died but the children were OK," Daykin told BBC.

Helen Daykin/Facebook

Daykin shared that once police entered her house, they found Chris dead in the couple's bedroom with their two daughters cuddling his dead body. According to Daykin, her husband had died of sudden heart failure the evening before. The mother says her daughters stuffed indigestion pills in their father's open mouth to try to "wake" him up and "make him better." 

"They spent the whole day upstairs, they didn't come down at all. They were hungry. They played with all my shoes and makeup, but they didn't venture further in the house," Daykin said. 

Daykin says her daughters could have been spared the trauma they suffered had Pearl's school called more than one emergency contact when the little girl didn't show up for school that day. Instead, the school only called Chris's phone. Now, Daykin is calling on all schools to try the second and third emergency contacts as well if they can't get in touch with the parents of an absent student.

Helen Daykin/Facebook

This isn't the first time an incident like this has happened. In June 2017, a 4-year-old British boy named Chadrack Mulo died of starvation and dehydration after clinging to his mother's dead body in their home for two weeks. In his case, Mulo's school attempted to phone his mother several times and even visited their home, but they did not have further emergency contacts on file or notify the police. 

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Helen Daykin says that while her family is still recovering, her daughters continue to struggle with the events surrounding their father's death. "Pearl can tell me every single detail and relives it often. I can't leave the room without her shouting for me or wanting to be with me," she told Daily Mirror. "I'm not pointing blame. I just want schools to look at their policies carefully."

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