Parents Horrified After Gym Teacher Strips Naked & Chases Kids on the Playground


Parents and students put a lot of trust in the people educating our children. Whatever subject they teach, educators are supposed to be beacons of safety and security. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Parents, teachers, and students alike have been left horrified and baffled after a physical education teacher stripped naked and chased children around a school playground in a truly bizarre incident. 


CBS Los Angeles reports the incident occurred earlier this week at Carthay Center Elementary School in Los Angeles, California. The unidentified PE teacher supposedly stripped naked in front of a group of second graders and fifth graders, and then proceeded to chase the children around the playground. A nearby construction worker recorded video of the disturbing incident:

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Mark Dickerson, a parent of one of the students involved, told CBSLA the students were forced to escape into nearby classrooms. "He was supposed to be helping them learn PE, run around and have fun," he said. "But he undressed and started chasing the kids while he was naked, and then the kids ducked and dodged, ran into some of the classrooms and got safe haven that way." 

Another unnamed parent said the incident was extremely traumatizing for the children involved. "All of the kids saw his private parts," he said. "[It was] very embarrassing. [I'm] very upset.” 

Soon after the children got away, the teacher was confronted outside by school officials. Carthay Center Elementary School later sent out a robocall and a letter to parents. A portion of the letter, obtained by CBSLA, vaguely detailed the incident. "An individual began behaving in an unusual way, prompting us to contact law enforcement,” it reads. "As a safety precaution, our school went on a brief lock-down while officers responded and took the individual into custody.”

In the aftermath, officials with the Los Angeles Unified School District confirmed that the gym teacher was a contract employee with the district who works with an after-school enrichment program. They refused to give more information, telling CBSLA they could not comment due to the situation being a "personnel issue." 

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While mental health counselors have been made available to students, and school police are conducting an ongoing investigation, many parents remain unsatisfied. "We want answers, they're not giving us answers," said Dickerson. "So we lose the trust in the school, we lose the trust in the school district. What are we supposed to do?"

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