This Magician 'Cutting' a Baby in Half Is Making the Internet Lose Its Mind

The Magic Show/Facebook

It's the most popular refrain of old-school magicians: "Now you see it, now you don't." But in most cases, you don't expect the "it" to be the mid-section of a baby. That's why this insane video of magician Justin Flom "cutting a baby girl in half" is both fascinating and creeping people out all over Facebook.

  • In the video, a baby girl rests on a coffee table while Flom uses a few Dr. Seuss books to do the "cutting."

    Flom appears to push the books through the baby's abdomen, like magicians might do with swords in a magic show, and then pulls the lower half of her body away to show that -- ta da! -- she's in "two pieces." The video includes a disclaimer that states, "No babies were harmed in the making of this magic." Still, Green Eggs and Ham never looked so dangerous.

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  • Of course, minds were blown, and the video quickly amassed over 95 million views.

    Lots of people left jokes in the comments, like one guy who wrote, "I'm calling CPS. This is not cool. This dude [is] out here sawing babies in half and y'all turn a blind eye to it."

  • More than anything else, people wanted to know exactly how Flom pulled this off.

    Luckily, many Facebook magic "experts" in the comment section were willing to offer their theories on how the trick worked. Let's break it down step-by-step, shall we?

  • First, as multiple people pointed out, the camera only shows certain angles, and there is more than likely a mirror under the table.

    Mirrors are often used in magic tricks like this to create optical illusions that hide what's really going on. In this case, many theorized there's actually a recessed area under the table holding the baby's legs, or that her legs are simply dangling under the table.

  • They posited that only the baby's chest, head, and arms showed above the recessed area, and the purple blanket hid the rest.

    It's not a bad theory. In fact, it's how most professional magicians pull off this trick with adults. The legendary Penn & Teller even did a "reveal" video giving away the secret to "sawing" a person in half, and it showed how a recessed area in a standard table can be used to hide parts of the subject's lower body.

  • Others pointed out that Flom picks the baby straight up after the trick, which might prove her legs were dangling.

    If the baby was lying down, the angle by which he picks her up would be different. Instead of grabbing under her arms, the way you'd lift a "standing" baby out of a walker or exer-saucer, he'd likely grab under her lower back to support her legs.

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  • But a few people didn't buy any of the magic theories. Instead, they thought it was simply masterful editing skills.

    One person even compared it to post-production techniques used in Hollywood blockbusters. Movie magic, as they say, instead of actual magic.

  • Magicians never tell their secrets, so it's likely we'll never know for sure how Flom pulled this off.

    But we do one thing for certain: That is an extremely adorable baby girl.