Surgeon Watches Cartoons With Terrified 2-Year-OId Moments Before Her Heart Surgery


Most parents are no strangers to having to calm down terrified kids in stressful situations, especially when those situations involve medical issues. The entire experience is difficult and downright scary for everyone involved. Still, in these instances, there are so many medical professionals who take it upon themselves to provide comfort to those who need it. After a photo of a surgeon helping a scared toddler went viral, people are speaking out about the times doctors and nurses helped them feel less afraid.

  • The photo, which originally went viral in 2015, is making the rounds anew after it was re-posted on Reddit.

    In the image, Shi Zhuo, deputy director of Physicians from Cardiac Surgery at Children's Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, sits with a little girl on his lap in a hospital. It was revealed that the surgeon was attempting to calm the little girl down with cartoons before she was set to have open heart surgery.

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  • Feeling inspired, many people chimed in to recount similar experiences they had with their children.

    One parent detailed the effort the hospital went through to prepare their 9-year-old daughter for open heart surgery. From sending her to a special therapy session to ease her mind to referring to anesthesia as "amnesia juice," the parent shared that the doctors involved comforted them as well as their little girl. 

  • Some highlighted the way doctors use humor to make patients feel more relaxed.

    Recounting a leg surgery he had when he was 4, one person detailed how a surgeon engaged him in a heated debate about dinosaurs before his operation. "It really took my mind off the fear," he said. 

  • One mom discussed how her doctor comforted her after major birth complications.

    "Surgeon was extremely nice," she wrote. "Kept holding my hand and telling me all the good stuff until my husband got in. Seriously couldn't have asked for better people. They helped me immensely and turned a sh*tty situation into a good one."  

  • Others just felt the need to thank medical professionals for making the best out of tough situations.

    "As a father of a 4-week-old who is still in the hospital from birth due to complications and has undergone heart surgery and abdominal surgery, this warms my heart," wrote one gracious dad. 

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  • All of the stories and words of gratitude were incredibly heartfelt.

    Just about everyone in the thread was able to take a beautiful image and turn it into a giant "thank you" to all of the doctors, nurses, and medical staff who often go unappreciated for going the extra mile. 

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