This Dad Twinning & Car Dancing With His 2-Year-Old Daughter Is Going Insanely Viral

pop vazquez and daughter

There's something so fun about seeing parents and their little ones be silly and playful with each other. And this dancing, twinning daddy-daughter duo is so ridiculously adorable that it might just dramatically improve your day. 

  • Popular Instagram star Pop Vazquez recently posted a video of his toddler singing and dancing with him to Bruno Mars and Cardi B's remix of "Finesse."

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    In the video, the little one is seated comfortably in her car seat when the song comes on the radio. Of course, she immediately asks her dad to turn the volume up before she starts dancing and singing along.

    It isn't long before she's moved out of her seat to join her equally enthusiastic father in laying down some pretty nice dance moves. The entire video is only made more adorable by the fact that they have on matching bright orange bomber jackets.

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  • Just about everyone who saw the video agreed it was the cutest.

    With the video having gained over 200,000 shares on Instagram in only a day -- including being shared by popular accounts like BET -- it's safe to say that they've officially gone viral. 

  • Some also commented on how much of a fun, playful dad Pop seems to be.

  • There were also tons of comments about the cool matching duds the duo wore.

  • This isn't the first time the two have gone viral for their incredible front seat jam sessions, though.

    A post shared by Pop Vazquez (@pop_vazquez) on

    Pop Vazquez's Instagram account is full of videos of him with his little girl and other children, dancing, painting nails, and being generally hilarious. 

  • The Internet totally loves these two and we're definitely no different.

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      We can't wait to see their awesome relationship continue to flourish through hilarious conversations, even funnier dance moves, and matching outfits that never fail to put a smile on people's faces.