Dad Stabs Family Pit Bull as 1-Year-Old Girl Gets Mauled

After a horrific accident, Remmy Goulart was left fighting for her life, and she may not have even had the chance if it wasn't for her quick-thinking dad. The 1-year-old from Massachusetts was playing in her family home on Sunday morning before the family's pit bull terrier attacked the little girl. As the dog was mauling her face, Remmy's dad, Reece, tried to pull him off but wasn't able to release her from the animal's grasps.


In order to save his daughter's life, Reece was desperate to stop the dog. Boston 25 News reports that according to police, he first grabbed a pistol from another room but quickly realized it wasn't loaded. He then took a knife and stabbed the dog to end the attack and release his toddler from the animal's jaws. 

Dad and baby
Reece Goulart/Facebook

The pit bull died from the wounds and Remmy was airlifted to a Boston hospital to treat her life-threatening injuries. According to police, she is suffering from "major trauma" to the face. During the first night, she underwent multiple blood transfusions as well as a major surgery to repair some of the devastating damage. 

"She's a cute little bunny," the girl's uncle, Ron Goulart, told Boston 25 News. "She's very good. The dogs always got along with her, so I don't know what happened."

Rally For Remmy
Joanne Macedo-Wisecup/Facebook

CBS Boston reports that the family had owned the dog for five years before the attack and he had no known history of aggression. Authorities investigating the incident believe the attack was unprovoked. "Never seen the dog aggressive in any such way," neighbor Anne Mello told CBS Boston. "On a couple occasions my dog got loose and ran over to his dog and it never showed any aggression. It seemed like a normal pet dog."

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Dad and baby
Reece Goulart/Facebook

According to a GoFundMe page established to help pay for medical costs, Remmy will be at Boston Children's hospital for an undetermined amount of time and will need to undergo more operations. She is now in stable condition, and after her second surgery, doctors are optimistic that vision in both of her eyes is good. 

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Stephenie Schau/Facebook

As of Wednesday afternoon, the campaign had already reached over its original $30,000 goal as people rally to support the recovering child and her family. "You're all so amazing," Reece wrote on the page, according to Mass Live. "My heart is full and I have no words. I'd die for my little girl. I can't thank you enough! I love you all."

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