Boy Caught on Video Singing Coco's 'Remember Me' to Photos of Baby Sister He Lost


If you saw Pixar's Coco, chances are the movie's theme song, "Remember Me," brought warm memories of loved ones you've lost and maybe even made you well up with tears. But it's not only adults who were touched by the song's poignant message. A mom recently caught her 4-year-old son strumming a toy guitar and singing "Remember Me" to photos of the baby sister he lost, and her video of the boy's touching performance is going viral.

  • The boy's dad, Samir Deais, shared the video of his son on Twitter.

    "My son singing 'Remember Me' from the movie Coco to his baby sister, Ava, who we lost this past May," the dad wrote. "He's only 4 years old and he understands. He didn't even know he was being recorded. He just wanted to sing to her for her 1st birthday!"

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  • Deais told his wife recorded the video after she overheard their son singing while she was doing chores nearby.

    "Instantly tears came to my eyes," he said. "It’s wonderful to see how much he loves his baby sister. He also gives her goodnight kisses at the altar every night and asks her to give him in a kiss in the middle of the night when he's sleeping as well.”

    The couple's daughter, Ava, passed away when she was only 4 months old after struggling with hydronephrosis, a condition that causes the kidneys to swell due to excess urine, for most of her short life.

  • "Coco" is about Mexico's Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and a little boy who learns an important lesson about family and remembering those who've passed away.

    Deais told his family saw the movie twice and listens to the soundtrack all the time. That's where his son got the inspiration for his performance for his sister.

  • Needless to say, the video has moved pretty much everyone who's seen it.

  • "What a beautiful child, what a beautiful human," one person wrote.

    And they're right. It's only the first week of 2018, but something tells me this video and this sweet and loving little boy will be one of the most incredible things we see all year.