9 Photos That Prove the US Is a Literal Frozen Hellscape Right Now


Today, it's a balmy 30 degrees in New York City. And a whole 17 in Chicago. These still ridiculously frigid temperatures are actually an improvement from the freaky single-digits and "deadly, bone-chilling cold" gripping most of the US and Canada right now. Basically, if you live anywhere but the southern US, you're experiencing life bundled to the hilt and maybe, if you're lucky, blasting lots of expensive heat 24/7 just to fight the freeze. For visual proof of what the situation is like all over the country, here are nine shots of winter wonderlands -- or ice-laden hellscapes, depending on your perspective -- that are sure to make you shiver.

  • In New York, the snow and ice certainly looks picturesque ... you know, if you're looking at it from a vantage point that's warm and toasty.

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  • And DC looks fairly whimsical covered in ice. That is, if you're not actually outside.

    Instagram user and CNN photojournalist Bill Alberter captured this stunning -- and really freakin' cold-looking -- shot, noting that it was single digits in the nation's capital at the time.

  • The snow in Erie, Pennsylvania, has basically disappeared entire automobiles.

  • Imgur user spsajewski took these shots during the Christmas snowstorm in the PA town, writing, "Over 52 inches in 36 hours, and it's still coming down. December snowfall total stands at 92 inches. This storm has smashed several long standing records, all in a much shorter period of time." 

  • And then there's just this poor dog who probably isn't getting nearly as much relief as his owner would hope from this puffy coat.

    Reddit user joeboyib wrote, "It was cold so I gave my dog a jacket." 

  • This guy lives in Alberta, Canada, so it's less shocking to see how damn cold it is up there, but ... still. That beard.

  • In the Pacific Northwest, this icicle-ridden car is clearly going nowhere fast.

    But maybe the driver is better off, considering that the Pacific Northwest isn't exactly prepared when it comes to clearing ice- and snow-covered roads.

  • Then, there's this fire hydrant that's apparently trying to give all the ice on that car a run for its money.

    Redditor aspire2dance wrote, "I think it was about 10 degrees Fahrenheit when I took this last night."

  • The Chicago River may look beautiful, but just try enjoying it in person when the temperature, with wind chill, "feels" like 4 degrees. Just 4. But that sure beats when it was in the -20s.

    In short, if you live anywhere affected by the deep freeze of winter '17–'18, it may be time to start thinking about busting into your savings account and booking a trip somewhere, anywhere closer to the equator.