Mom Saves Another Child's Life By Posting About Her Girl's Rare Cancer on Facebook

Charlotte Salisbury/Facebook

In addition to being a place where you go to share cute photos of your kids and pass around relatable mom memes, Facebook has been used to do some pretty amazing things. Parents everywhere are using the social media platform to keep other parents in the know about possible dangers and threats to their children. Mom Charlotte Salisbury shared a single photo of her daughter with the hopes that it could help save the life of another child. Luckily, her post did just that. 

  • Charlotte Salisbury's daughter, Felicity, was born with a rare form of childhood cancer.

    Salisbury shared that she first noticed something strange when she realized that a white reflection would appear in Felicity's left eye in certain lights. After a few months, a friend suggested that she take her daughter to the doctor and it was then that the little girl was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma.

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    Retinoblastoma affects only about 40 - 50 children in the UK each year and about 200- 300 children in the United States each year. The cancer presents itself in one or both of the eyes and has very few outwardly noticeable symptoms at first.

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  • Doctors found six tumors behind Felicity's left eye.

    But the cancer was caught soon enough that the little girl was able to begin chemotherapy and keep both of her eyes. 

    Still, the family was shocked and devastated at her diagnoses. “I had no idea at the time what it was, she showed no signs of illness,” Salisbury told the Independent. "She was a happy normal baby. The only thing I picked up on was I noticed when she started crawling she would bump into things." 

  • Feeling the need to warn other parents, Salisbury began spreading the word.

    In addition to her numerous Facebook post on the subject, she was featured in local newspapers and in childhood cancer campaigns. “At the beginning when Felicity was first diagnosed we just wanted to keep everything private,” the mother said. "But I wanted to tell people what to look out for and to share what had happened to Felicity as it is such a rare cancer."

    Naturally, it wasn't long before people began taking notice, one of those people was 20-year-old mother Taomi Sharlotte. “About a month later I was contacted by Taomi who said ‘if it wasn’t for your post I would never have noticed this on my little girl’,” Salisbury recalled to the Independent.

  • Seeing Felicity's photo alerted Sharlotte to something she'd been noticing in pictures of her own daughter, Lydia.

    “We had seen her post on Facebook two weeks after we were on holiday,” Taomi told the Independent. "When we got home we took her to the GP. It turned out she had the worst form of Intraocular Retinoblastoma in her left eye, it’s called Type E."

    Lydia's diagnosis meant that a very large tumor had formed behind her left eye. The only option the little girl had was to have her left eye removed completely. Only one week after her diagnosis, Lydia had the surgery.

  • While Lydia's eye wasn't able to be saved, her mother is still infinitely glad that she came across Salisbury's post.

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    “She got the all-clear two weeks ago, it has not spread. We are just waiting on the results from further tests," Sharlotte said. "If we had not seen the post we would have never known to look out for it -- we are so grateful to Charlotte.”

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