Pregnant Mom Saves Herself & Her 2-Year-Old Son From a Sinking Car


We've all heard stories of parents going to incredible lengths to save the lives of their kids. From throwing them out of burning buildings to using their bodies to save them from falling trees, the stories are never any less amazing. After suffering a horrific car crash, one pregnant mother in Missouri defied odds by pulling her terrified toddler from their sinking SUV

  • Pregnant mom Heather Vaden was out with her 2-year-old son, Bently, on Wednesday when disaster struck.

    After Vaden swerved off the road to keep from hitting what she thought was a dog, she and her son suffered through a nightmarish car crash before finding themselves in water. “We went to a ditch and the ditch bounced us up, we ran into a fence, and I remember landing into the pond,” Vaden told local KSDK News

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  • Almost immediately after they hit the water, Heather sprung into action.

    She took off her own seat belt and went to work getting Bently out of his car seat. “I didn't want him to be stuck if something were to go wrong,” she said.

  • As the SUV began filling with water, Heather started searching for something she could use to break one of the windows.

    When she couldn't find anything strong enough to use, she decided to use her feet to kick out the rear window. "I just started kicking the window and it took about five kicks and we finally busted out," she told KSDK. 

  • The mother claimed that getting herself and her children to safety was incredibly difficult.

    “I tried to lift [Bently] up further and further, and every time I would do that, it would sink me down further into the water," she said. 

    But eventually, she managed to swim 30 feet to shore and even made it to a nearby home where she and her son were able to calm down. It was there Heather realized she'd broken her arm. 

  • Heather and her husband Josh claim that it is a miracle everyone got out of the sinking car alive.

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    The mother told KSDK News that her love for her son and her unborn child gave her the strength to try her hardest to keep them alive. "I don't really think of it as I'm a hero at all," Heather said. "I just did what I had to do to get him out."

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