Woman's Hack for Sneaking Snacks Into the Movies Has the Internet Cheering

Going to the movies is a luxury, and not just because it involves spending some quality time out of the house. But this beloved outing is growing increasingly expensive, and that’s just for the tickets to get you in -- forget about if you’re thirsty or have a craving for some Milk Duds. To get around the inflated prices of bottled drinks and packaged snacks, some decide to smuggle in the goods so that they can munch on a few treats during the screening without having to completely blow their budget. Luckily for us, people are getting increasingly creative with their strategies.

Sneaking snack into movie theater
Jessica Ruiz Gonzalez/Facebook

  • In addition to cramming the candy in oversized purses or pockets, some have gotten clever with their hacks for sneaking treats into theaters.

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  • Jessica Ruiz Gonzalez posted her trick for concealing any snacks that she wants to sneak into a movie, and her hack is going viral because it’s simple yet brilliant.

    Jessica shared a series of photos in a craft aisle with a hollow, Styrofoam dome.

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  • All you have to do is pile in your favorite treats, tuck the fake baby bump under your shirt, and you're good to go.

    "Just fill the inside with snacks," Jessica shared on Facebook. 

  • Her idea, which started out as a joke, has quickly gone viral.

  • Jessica encouraged everyone to share with friends and give it a try. Although some can't wait for their next movie date to rock a serious baby bump, others weren't convinced.

  • Happy snacking to anyone giving this idea a try!