Mom Claims Miracle Baby 'Cured' Her Cancer & People Are Getting Heated

woman claims baby cured cancer

When life has thrown us a major curveball, the only thing we want in the world is for a miracle to happen. And while prayer can bring most of us peace of mind and comfort in times of crisis, one mother from New York claims her praying and faith has resulted in an answer much more literal. According to a video she posted on Instagram live, Blair Monique is claiming that not only did her faith heal her of uterine cancer -- it gave her a baby, too.

  • In the video, Blair explains that after her uterine cancer diagnosis, she was scheduled for a hysterectomy.

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    "They scheduled me for a final ultrasound so they could measure the size of my tumors," Blair says, "to see if they could just be removed without doing a full hysterectomy." Blair says she was in an incredible amount of pain. But little did she know, the doctor was about to tell her some surprising news.

    "She [one of Blair's doctors] called the other doctor in -- it was the surgeon who was supposed to do my surgery in a couple days. And he looked at me and they were like, well it looks like your God removed all of your tumors ... and left you with a baby."

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    The video -- which has been viewed over 60,000 times on the Instagram account BellaNaijaOnline and over 10,000 times on Blair's personal account -- has floored many folks. But it also stirred up some controversy, as many wondered: Is this really possible??

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  • Many of Blair's followers were astounded by her good fortune. They didn't even question that this was most certianly a miracle.

  • But not everyone could get on board with Blair's story. In fact, so many people reported it as fake that Facebook took the video down.

    But Blair defended herself, saying her video was 100 percent true and she has no reason to lie.

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  • One person even told Blair to have her doctors confirm her "cure" on camera.

    Blair did not offer any medical explanation to back up her claims that her tumors went away, and it's hard to find any science to support what she says. Uterine cancer can sometimes be misdiagnosed as pregnancy because of an overlap in symptoms, like frequent headaches, breast swelling, or abdominal bloating. But that doesn't explain why Blair would be told she had cancer and then find out later that she's pregnant. It's possible it was a case of misdiagnosis.

  • Either way, Blair is standing by her story that this pregnancy and her cure were a miracle.

    And really, we're just happy that this story had a happy ending.