This Insanely Realistic Baby Sculpture in a Store Window Is Seriously Freaking People Out

creepy baby sculpture

Parents never really want to admit it, but there's something inherently creepy about kids. Maybe it's their tiny bodies, their high-pitched voices, the fact that they always look like they're staring into your soul -- who knows? But we do know that we'd be hard-pressed to find a baby creepier than the fake one that this New York City shop decided to let hang out in their front window.


Park Avenue in Manhattan is home to plenty of gorgeous displays that make window-shopping really entertaining. But the placement of a sculpture of a sleeping child has passersby both freaked out and concerned. The sculpture, titled "Baby in a Carriage," was inspired by artist Duane Hanson's son in 1983. Currently it is priced at around $80,000 to $120,000 and sits comfortably in the window of Heritage Auctions in Manhattan, where it's tricked plenty of people into thinking a real baby was abandoned in the store window.

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Creepy baby sculpture

Aviva Lehmann, director of American art at Heritage Auctions, told Reuters that the sculpture has duped everyone from grandmothers to city police officers. "It's the greatest. If you could watch our footage of this baby in the window, it would crack you up because truly all day, people, women, children, mothers, grandfathers, cops will stop and look at it and wonder truly for a second, or more than a second, is that really a baby?"

The sculpture was made using polyvinyl. The baby in the art piece is wearing an adorable little sweatsuit, has human hair, and has a sweet -- but still very creepy -- sleeping face. Lehmann says the "hyper-realistic" baby is doing exactly what it was meant to do: trick everyone into believing it's an actual child. "[That] is exactly what Hanson wanted you to think," Lehmann said. 

To prove it, a Reuters reporter took to the streets to ask people what they really thought of the sculpture. "I passed by it a few minutes ago on my way to a store, and then on my way back I took a better look at it," said one passerby, Sarah Conforti. "The baby doesn't look very happy." 

Another interviewee expressed similar concerns. "Kinda creepy," Rahmel Dantzler said. "I'd run." 

People on the Internet don't seem to be reacting to the sculpture much better.


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"Baby in a Carriage" is set to be auctioned off on November 30, which means that those who often pass by this window will feel a little relief. We can only hope that whoever buys it puts the sculpture to similarly good use. 

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