Winter Boot Sales!

Lands End kids snow boots

Lands End Snow Flurry Boots; $15 on sale

It's winter boot shopping time!

Sounds strange to say that when spring is right around the corner (I hope, I pray ...).

But this is when I shop for winter coats, gloves and boots with my kids. It's the best time. The sales are ridiculous.

Rugged Bear has 80 percent off right now. That's where I bought my son's $120 Spyder coat with the extendable arms for $40 last year at this time. He'll have that coat for another two years at least.


Shopping a season ahead for winter gear does require a little bit of guesswork and risk. Predicting how much your toddler, especially if they are really young and sprouting like weeds, will grow over 10 months is not easy. The coat I bought my daughter last spring will just last her another month or two over her monkey arms.

Boots are another challenge. In general, I buy a size or even two up. Sometimes there isn't a choice and the clearance rack makes the decision on the size for me. I haven't been burned yet. Just stock up on the thick socks (also on sale) and your kiddies are covered ... and nice and toasty warm for next winter.

So, gonna go shopping? Our friends at Cool Mom Picks flagged some more online shops with sales on kids footware.

Do you shop for winter coats and boots at the end of winter? Is it worth it or is it better to pay full price for clothes that fit right?


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