Your Child Swallowed What?!

You hear of kids eating bugs, maybe accidentally swallowing a penny, but a screwdriver? I just cannot even imagine. I would be going absolutely berserk.


TLC will be airing a special this Sunday at 9/8c called Your Kid Swallowed What?

It tells five stories of children in medical peril when they swallow dangerous objects. 7-month old Caylyn swallows a foam heart; 2 ½ year-old Amaya swallows eight batteries; 2-year-old Aubrey trips with a hanger in his hand; 3-year old Riley swallows a rock; 5 year-old Shelby swallows a screwdriver.

I honestly don't think I could watch heart is racing just reading about it. It would cause me to be so paranoid that I would want to duct tape mittens on my kids' hands just to prevent them from holding anything.

Would you watch this? Have you ever had a scary episode of your child eating something they shouldn't have?

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