Does Pushing a Stroller Mean Mom Is Lazy?

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There are many battles in the stroller wars — sling vs. stroller being the biggie (for people who are passionate about that kind of thing), but here's another that Ems629 (mom of a 28-month-old daughter) brought to my attention. Some people think that pushing a toddler in a stroller makes a mom lazy when a tot is of a certain age. She asked me if I was one of them.



1. Pushing a stroller can be a workout even if it's carrying nothing but your kid (though we all know that's rarely the case). There are even fitness routines designed around strollers such as Stroller Strides and StrollerFit. Most moms have shopping bags, a purse, and a diaper bag to juggle. Maybe even a latte and a dog leash. How are you supposed to hold your toddler's hand or keep him within safe reach on top of all that?

2. Toddlers get tired. And cranky. And tired! MAMAAAAA! PICK. ME. UP! If you've got a big day of walking ahead of you, a stroller will not only help you keep your sanity, but the sanity of those around you (the people who are calling you lazy, for example). If you don't bring the stroller, you know you'll either have to carry your kid at some point, which can be tricky (see all the stuff you're carrying in #1) or subject the entire world to his meltdown and then listen to people whisper about what a bad mom you are for dragging your kid down the street while he screams bloody murder. (Note that these would likely be the same people who would call you lazy if you used a stroller.)

3. Some moms have more than one kid. Is a mom of twins, triplets, several toddlers or even kids of different ages supposed to walk down the street with them all lined up behind her like obedient little ducklings? Yeah, that's realistic. Not to mention, not exactly safe.

I hope that answers your question Ems629. Keep strolling, and if anyone give you a hard time, mow 'em over.

By the way, I actually use a sling to tote my tot around—but that's just because I'm too darn lazy to use a stroller!

Do you think there's a certain age at which toddlers should stop using strollers? Does using one make a mom lazy?

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