Natural Bubble Bath for Fans of Eric Carle, Caterpillars, Kids, and the Planet

episencial sweet dreams bubble bathMy daughter latest obsession is The Very Hungry Caterpillar (we're going to see the play next week) and—baths! Why the exclamation point? Because until a few weeks ago, my little ragamuffin hated baths, and refused to take them unless one of her parents got in the tub with her. Then one day, the warm sun came up, and pop—she loved them.


I'm not sure what caused her change of heart, but I found a nice way to celebrate. I'm going to surprise her with Episencial Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath, which features the artwork of Eric Carle.

The bubble bath (and the entire Episencial Very Hungry Caterpillar Skincare Collection) was created by Kim Walls, a mom and environmental activist. I like the way she thinks: It contains organic peach, oat, and plum extracts, and it's free of parabens (synthetic preservatives linked to birth defects) and petroleum (a non-renewable resource that no toddler should soak in). The packaging is recycled and phthalate- and BPA-free. And the bubble bath was made in the USA using solar power.

Proceeds from the sale of the bubble bath (and other Episencial products) benefit Healthy Child, Healthy World and its mission to protect children from harmful chemicals.

Episencial Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath, $8.99 at and

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