Toddler Meal: Banana Hot Dogs

banana dog

Photo by Matthew Carden,

courtesy of The Toddler Cafe

Here's a recipe for a delicious—and nutritious—lunch or dinner for your tot from The Toddler Cafe: Banana "Hot Dogs." It's a nice way to make use of leftover buns—when you don't have any dogs to put in them.


Banana Hot Dog


Ingredients (makes 1 serving)

1 banana, peeled

1 whole-wheat hot dog bun


Creamy peanut butter


Place the peeled banana in a bun. Fill two zip-top baggies, one with jelly and the other with peanut butter. Cut a tiny hole in the corner of each bag, and squeeze onto the banana as you would mustard and ketchup.


Toddler Tip 

Let your toddler have fun by squeezing out the peanut butter and jelly themselves—or making crazy patterns on their plates.

What do you do with leftover hot dog buns?


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