Grandparents Increase Kids' Obesity Risk


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My parents rarely let me have sweets or fast food, but those rules don't apply to my daughter. In fact, they love indulging her every desire, as is often the case with grandparents. For tots who see grandma and grandpa occasionally, that's not a problem. But for tots who are regularly cared for by their grandparents, it is.

A new study shows that these kids are at an increased risk of being overweight.


Researchers analyzed 12,000 three-year-olds and found that their risk of being overweight was 34 percent higher if their grandparents cared for them full time. Kids who had babysitters or went to nursery school had no increased risk of weight problems.

The study didn't look into why grandparent care was associated with toddlers being overweight, but researchers surmise that indulgence of children and lack of exercise are two possible explanations.

Is your toddler cared for by his grandparents? Does the study worry you?

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