Is It Mean to Hide Holiday Books?

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My two-year-old daughter has tons of books and she loves to "read." Here's my problem. We have books that are specific to various holidays—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. She grows to love these books and wants to read them "off-season."


The other night she chose Five Little Pumpkins. I read it to her because it was what she wanted, but it felt weird to be reading her a book about Halloween when Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

She's also still very much interested in reading about Frosty and Rudolph. I've tried to hide holiday books but she finds them and insists on hearing the stories.

I'm thinking of taking all holiday-related books off her shelves and putting them into storage. I'll take them out only when the appropriate holiday rolls around. But then I wonder if it really matters. If she likes hearing a story about pumpkins, does it really matter that Halloween is over?

What do you do with holiday-specific books when the holiday is over?

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