Dad Chains Two-Year-Old to Lamp Post

chainA rickshaw driver in China chained his two-year-old to a lamp post outside a shopping mall so he could pick up customers. Someone took a photo of the boy (you can see at ABC News), which was published in newspapers and on the web. Many people were outraged. Here's the dad's side of the story.


Chen Chuanliu said he chained his son to keep him safe from getting lost or kidnapped. He is unable to afford child care—he makes about $7.35 a day from his mini taxi service.

Chuanliu's wife is mentally disabled and unable to care for their children. The couple had a four-year-old daughter who went missing last month. "I don't even have a picture of her to use for a missing person ad," he said. "I cannot lose my son as well."

Although many people have criticized Chuanliu, others see his situation as desperate and tragic. A team of mine workers sent cartons of noodles and other foodstuff to his family.

What do you think about what Chuanliu did? Was he keeping his child safe and providing for his family? Or do you think that locking a child to a post is unacceptable no matter what the circumstances?

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