My Kid Eats Food Off the Floor! Study, Schmudy.

Photo by Punkylu78

New study alert! Scientists at San Diego State University say forget everything you've heard about the "5-second rule." It's not okay to let your child eat a piece of food that falls on the floor (or various other places)—no matter how fast you pick it up.


The researchers studied a carrot and a sippy cup after they had been dropped in various places—counter tops, high-chair trays, tile floors, and carpet. They found that the object picked up a significant amount of germs. The most germs were transferred to the carrot from the counter; the most germs were transferred to the sippy cup from the highchair tray. Um, aren't kids supposed to eat off their high-chair trays?

If you care, the researchers say to remind your family that the 5-second rule isn't true and that they shouldn't be eating food that has touched a potentially dirty surface. To keep things clean, disinfect the surfaces in your home with a bleach solution, and sanitize toys and sippy cups with a bleach solution.

The study was funded by The Clorox Company.

Thank you very much, but I'd rather my kid ingest germs than bleach. I also subscribe to the theory that a little dirt is good for kids.

How about you? Are you a clean freak or will you be a "bad mom" like me and give your kids food that falls on the floor?

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